Console Caddie Review and Giveaway

December 31, 2008 by  

The creator of the pouchee, Anita Crook also developed this Console Caddie. It makes a great tote to carry things in and out of your house to your office and back again. It is also good to just keep in your car to keep things organized.
One of the Doctors I work for loves the large black one. He puts his Iphone, physican phone sheet, pens and I am not sure what else in it and says he loves it to carry things from his office, to his car and then to his house.
There are 2 sizes. They are both 5 inches tall (not including the handle). The larger one is 8 1/4 inches (long enough for a checkbook) and the smaller length is 7 inches.
They are a heavy leatherette fabric in either black or tan. The handles are stable and it has a gusseted bottom to be able to stand up when full.
Inside has credit card pouches, lipstick or pen pockets, a divided middle, pouches on both sides for all your odds and ends.

Pros: *Great size to keep all your little gadgets from falling all over the car.
*Has separate pockets to keep things organized.
*Can work as purse organizer or separate mini purse.
*Can use it to organize other areas other than your car.

Cons: *Only comes in black and tan and not other fun colors.

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70 Responses to “Console Caddie Review and Giveaway”
  1. Stacie says:

    Wow I need this- my car is a disaster!!! I think I could also use it when shopping and keep my coupons on it too. I never remember to claim them until after they expire since they sit at the bottom of my purse.

  2. Stacie says:

    I follow Organize with Sandy.

  3. Stacie says:

    I follow Organize with Sandy Reviews.

  4. Stacie says:

    I now follow Leecie Loo and 7 boys too.

    I invite you to follow my blogs too (I also have a giveaway).

  5. Stacie says:

    1. I’ve added all 4 buttons.

  6. Aura says:

    I would actually use it in my coat closet. I am constantly changing diaper bags and pocketbooks pending which baby I’m taking out. So, my phone, wallet and keys are always laying around and most of the time I forget tampons and tissues when I need them most. It would be really convenient to have it where I can dump in between bags and have a stash of things in case I need them.

  7. Christine says:

    I would probably use this inside my diaper bag for my personal things. This would be great to grab and go when I am leaving the house without the kids. Right now, I have to transfer my wallet, coupon holder, keys, and some other miscellaneous things when i am running out and routinely forget my coupon holder and other things.

  8. carogonza says:

    I love this caddy. I am a mess! I would keep it with me at work.

  9. MJ says:

    I would use it as a purse organizer and as a pullout when I don’y want to carry my purse!

  10. Tammy says:

    I would use this when I bring things to church with me. I could gather up, my Bible, pens, notepaper, all the stuff that I use specifically for church and Biblestudy, so it’s all in one place!

    Thanks for the chance.

  11. Angel Beers says:

    This would be great. been using a basket for the moment but it slides on the seat. This would fit great in my grocery getter aka the mommy van.

  12. Angel Beers says:

    I also twitteres about it.

  13. Carolyn says:

    I think I would use this when I go into a store for couponing. I could fit everything in there and not have to take a purse. Shopping lists, coupons, scissors, pen, pad, cell phone, cash and cards, then just keep it in my car for the next time.

    thanks for sharing

    ceashark at aol dot com

  14. Carolyn says:

    I am a follower to Organize with Sandy.

    thanks again

    ceashark at aol dot com

  15. valerie2350 says:

    cool caddie! I could definitely use this in my car :)

  16. valerie2350 says:

    following organize with sandy

  17. valerie2350 says:

    following the other sandy blog :)

  18. momma says:

    i love all my different purses, but i hate changing them. this would be great!!! plus, i travel a lot – good for that. it’s small and would be easy to access in the car :)

  19. momma says:

    i added the pink pouchie button here:

  20. momma says:

    i have your leecie loo and 7 boys button here:

  21. momma says:

    i have the organize with sandy reviews button

  22. Carol says:

    I recently started back to school. This next semester, I’ll be getting a backpack with wheels. It would be cool to have the car caddy as my purse, to fit inside my backpack on school days and carry alone or in a purse on weekends.

  23. Carol says:

    I follow Organizer Sandy.

  24. Carol says:

    I have a button on my blog for Organizer Sandy. (Added for last contest.)

  25. Carol says:

    I have a button on my blog for Pouchee. (Newly added.)

  26. Sock Monkey Jungle says:

    im your new little follower :O) I love the car caddy i would be so very happy to hand that to my man and say * now clean!* lol! but also wouldnt it be great storage to take for a day at the beach think of all it would hold! Then again i think i would use it to store my craft item….oh gosh ideas popping up all over! Good luck everyone! x

  27. Jill says:

    How great it would be to use it to organize my gson’s football items. All the extra mouthpieces, first aid equipment, contact solution, extra case, consent forms, medical release forms, etc could all be safely kept in one location. I would love that! Right now it’s everywhere!

  28. Jill says:

    Am following your organize with sandy blog.

  29. Toni-Lynn says:

    I have a 19 month old and a 6 year old so the ways to use this are endless! lol I think one of the best things I would use it for is when we travel to my moms (500 miles) to put little things for them to do! I would probably even purchase a second one so they each had one! VERY CUTE idea!

    Thanks for the Chance!

  30. Toni-Lynn says:

    I am following Organize with Sandy

    Thanks for the Chance!

  31. Toni-Lynn says:

    I have all 5 of your buttons here

    Thanks for the Chance!

  32. Toni-Lynn says:


    Thanks for the Chance!

  33. Leah says:

    And, I TWITTERED about this fabulous give~away…….user name: leahita.


  34. Leah says:

    Ooops don’t know if you got my original entry! Definitely would use this is my diaper bag where all my personal goodies get discombobulated among the diapers and snacks!

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


  35. Celeste says:

    I would DEFINITELY use this in my car…I really need help there!!

    contact me at:

  36. Chloe says:

    You know, this would be great to put into a large tote bag – since totes seldom have pockets.

  37. Gloria says:

    I think I would use this in my large file drawer in my desk at work – I don’t use it for files, so this would really maximize the use of the space! :)

  38. Karen says:

    Sandy, this is awesome! I can think of 2 things right off the bat. I would use it to hold my important stuff that I better not forget but sometimes do. (cell, wallet, Control journal, address book, etc.) but the one that interests me the most is holding my coupons, sales flyers, calculator and grocery shopping list for when I go do my stock-piling! It’s the most frugal way to keep supplies available in a home of 6. Thanks this is a great contest. :)

  39. Karen says:

    Sandy, I’m now following all 3 blogs. :)

  40. Karen says:


    I tweeted about it…

    tayl, kc

  41. Sandie says:

    What a neat idea! I would use this on my monthly trips to the doctor to help organize test results, snacks, valet parking stubs, appointment cards, cell phone…you get the idea!

  42. Sandie says:

    I twittered this cool organizer :)

  43. Sandie says:

    I follow you on Twitter and now I follow your blog — glad I do, you have some very cool items here!

  44. Sandie says:

    I have 2 of your buttons on my blog

  45. Sandie says:

    Make that 3 buttons :)

  46. Sandie says:

    I blogged the Pouchee!!

  47. Heather says:

    I really need this for my work locker. I have everything in there that you would have in a purse and a desk drawer. I have locker organiers but they really don’t work for me. I could put the necessities and take the pouchee to the restroom to freshen up without having to completely empty my locker.

  48. Heather says:

    I posted a comment about using this in my work locker – forgot my email

  49. Heather says:

    I follow Organize with Sandy reviews

  50. Heather says:

    I follow leecie lou and 7 boys too –

  51. PlusSizeMommy says:

    I would use it as a portable diaper bag, I have 2 kids 1 in diapers and 1 in pull -ups, it is always good to have extra diapers and wipes and accesories on hand in the car when needed. I would use it for that. Since it is portable it would be nice and easy to reuse and take along.

  52. PlusSizeMommy says:

    I posted all 4 of your buttons on my blog.

  53. Angie says:

    I posted your button!!! I would so love to use this to organize everything I carry around. I take care of my grandfather and carry around so much stuff for him and all of my PTA and room mom things. I could use this to keep everything in its place.

  54. nanja says:

    I need this to keep coupons in for grocery store items and eating out coupons. Don’t know how many times I stopped at Wendy’s realizing I has a special coupon at home for a discount! Thank you

  55. nape says:

    I usually refer to my car as my office. Though I try to keep it neat, it houses books, notebooks, pens, office memos, store coupons, maps, tissues, and who-knows-what else. What a wonderful product for people on the go.

  56. nape says:

    I follow Organize with Sandy Reviews.

  57. Shelllie says:

    Ok Sandy, I warned you I was running, not walking over here to enter. I LOVE LOVE LOBE the purse pouchee, and so need this darn thing for the car. First let’s say this…..SOCCER MOM, HELLO? Do I need to say more? Seriously, I have a 20 month old, a soccer coach for a husband and an insane goal keeper for a 10 yr old. We live in FL and I carry, bug spray, sun block, sports tape, water bottles, ball pumps, extraa socks, extra towels, extra sun glasses, extra MOVIES (20 month old), and an extra head too if there is room. I know I can load this puppy up and actually find what is in my dran truck.

  58. mindy says:

    the car caddy would be most helpful for work as i work from the car

  59. cdziuba says:

    I’d use this to tote my music sheets and charts, I’m a musician.

  60. Diana D says:

    that is very clever. I believe a friend of mine owns something similar. She easily transfer from one purse to another.Thanks for having the wonderful giveaway.

    dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

  61. Angie says:

    I now follow your blog

  62. Kat says:

    Oh yeah – this is perfect.

    With a home office, and “office” office and client visits – this would be perfect for my car.

    Yes I have a laptop case that I’ve been using forever instead of a briefcase – but there always seems to be something missing. It also looks like I could use this instead of a “purse” on my travels so I could have “office essential” items and my “purse” items in one place – organized – and not in the bottom of something.

    Fabulous looking too. Great idea

  63. Kat says:

    I’m a follower of Organize with Sandy!

  64. Kat says:

    Hope this will add a little more traffic to your new site – such a great idea

    hope it helps.

  65. Kat says:

    I’m a follower of Organize with Sandy Reviews too!

  66. Mimi says:

    I would use this as a kind of purse to use in my school backpack.

    Once I have all my college books in there, my wallet, etc., always get lost in the shuffle, so this would be perfect.

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