Chatter Chix Review and Giveaway!!

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I love these!! I actually first came across them when I won them from another review and giveaway site. These are designed for girls ages 5-12. I purchased a couple of packs of the cards for Christmas for my step daughter and she thought they were really cute. Then came the Starter Set I won. There is a cute vinyl notebook and 3 packs of cards along with 5 protective pages to put the cards in. (The organizing factor in this giveaway!..organize your Chatter Chix cards) There is a map of the United States in the front of the notebook. Each one of these trading cards has a girl from one of the states on it. It tells you which State she is from on the front. On the back is her little bio and at the bottom of the card it tells you that States Capital, Flower, Nickname and Bird. For each card you take one of the little flower stickers and put it on the state map. The girls try to collect all of the states!! How cute is that. Elise was excited because she also got one of the Limited Edition cards in her pack. She can go online and see a little more about each girl from any State. There is also a newsletter and activities.
These cards are colorful and with the big smiles you just want to smile back at them!

As soon as we opened the package Elise was all excited checking out all the cards and loading her notebook after first putting her stickers on her state map.

Here is what her notebook looks like now! You can see how cute these little girls are!

She just told me, “I LOVE this..these are the coolest! Now I have cards of my own that I can play with when the boys are playing with their football cards.”
There is a great testimony on it’s own!!

*Educational – teaches knowledge of the United States
*Promotes sharing
*Promotes trading
*Promotes a postive role model (no sexy outfits or celebrities)
*Gives the girls an female alternative to the boys trading cards.

*The only one I can say is that my little girl doesn’t read cursive yet and the States on the front of the card are in cursive. She could get most of the cards, but a few she had trouble with only for that reason. Other than’s all positive!!

To purchase go to ChatterChix


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