NBC 4 with Ellie Merritt

April 14, 2009 by  

Spring Organizing Segment

I was asked to be on the NBC new segment with Ellie Merritt to give some tips on Spring cleaning and organizing.
We had planned it for a Thursday, but Ellie called me on Monday and asked if they could come in about 45 minutes. Of course I said yes, and then went into panic (but calm panic mode).
You see I had been sick all weekend and was still recovering. My house was a mess, I needed a shower.. talk about the worse time to be on TV for the first time!
But I pulled it together. I had a good idea of what I was going to do when she did come, although I didn’t have it all ready like I had planned to do (when I thought she was coming three days later).
But this is what they got. They were awesome! They pieced it together, I don’t think you could tell I was as nervous as I really was!

Ellie was super nice!
Thanks NBC 4!

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7 Responses to “NBC 4 with Ellie Merritt”
  1. onlymehere says:

    It shows it downloading but then it won’t play for me. I’ll be back later to try and see your famous “debut!” Cindy

  2. My2Gs says:

    You did Awesome Sandy!!! I have to know….did you get to have your hair and make up done?? How fun….so proud of you :-)
    ~ Lacie

  3. Two Little Lambs says:

    You did great and didn’t even seem nervous. I need to do that to my closets. Thanks for the great tip.

  4. Denise says:

    *round of applause!*

    You did great! I have some of those stacking baskets from target – you can get something just like it at the dollar tree too!

    I need to do a lot of cleaning and organizing.

  5. Amy Trauntvein says:

    Way to go Sandy!!! You looks great on T.V.! Great ideas too! Now I’m heading to my coat closet! Where did I put those bins…..?

  6. searcher says:

    Great spot Sandy! You did great and if you were nervous, it did not show.

  7. chaotic kitten says:

    Oh wow, you’re famous! Well done :)

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