Organizing a Bedroom

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Organizing Your Child’s Room

Kids rooms can be a challenge. We want them to be cute and fun, but they also need to be practical. Spending a lot of money on the kids bedrooms is not always an option for many of us (including me).
I did my Mom TV show  last night in my step daughter’s bedroom. I explained that as cute as it is (at least I think so), it was very inexpensive to do. I think I maybe spent about $50 when we married almost 3 years ago and my husband and his kids moved into my house. I painted all her existing bedroom furniture. It had been a set that his sister had when she was a kid. I am sure many of you had seen it, white with little rose bud designs. But this was worn and didn’t look so great. I used pink, purple and lime green as my color scheme and went to work.

I found this shelf at a garage sale for $2. It was white and falling apart. My husband put in a couple of nails and I painted it and it is great! If you are able to use wall space..then do! You can add storage space and make it look cute at the same time.

I took a white bookshelf that we had elsewhere in the house and could re-utilize and painted it pink to go in the room. I added hooks on the side of it. You can put up several and use them for necklaces, belts etc. She uses her for her robe and ballet bag.

A bulletin board can be a great place for the kids to put up their artwork. If you have a closet door that opens out, on the inside of that is a great place to place one. The back of a door can also work.

This is a fun little storage option. I found it at Ikea. We have not hung a hook for it, and my step daughter made her own solution because she wanted to use it. She hung it on one of the hooks that holds her Twitter laundry bag. These come in the longer version (shown) or one that just has 4 cubbies slots.

You can use these for little stuffed animals, small toys and knickknacks. You can even use them in a closet for underwear and socks or baby’s room for small baby clothes or diapers.
You children’s rooms need to follow the same direction that the rest of our house does. Too much clutter can make them feel “cluttered” and anxious.
We need to teach them that they need to have a limited amount of “stuff” in their room and start them early on not being pack rats themselves and thinking they can’t part with any of their toys.

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Dunkin Donut Review

Dunkin Donut in Worthington, Ohio

Who doesn’t love donuts? I know I sure do! I was lucky enough to get to go as a part of the Tastecasting  to the new Dunkin Donuts in Worthington, OH
We got to taste donuts, coffees and breakfast sandwiches. I know I got an education to what they had. I never thought of anything other than the donuts…(which is usually enough in MY book!!) Ok…I will let you drool over the next couple of pictures…

Ok..we all know how wonderful their donuts are right?
But they also have some other really great products….some of which you can eat without feeling guilty

There is a menu of items called the DD Smart menu. They are a healthier option with calorie counts below 300 calories. This is the Egg White Turkey Sausage Flatbread Sandwich. It was really good!! Very filling and I just had a portion of one to sample. I will be getting another one of those for sure. Ok…so if I get one of those along with my donut it would be better than just eating donuts right?

I tried an iced coffee with cream and a shot of blueberry syrup in it. Now that was fun too. I sipped that all the way home and really enjoyed it.

This was the cutest little sample cup of their really yummy coolattas. These are on special until July 14th for only $1.99. Now…do not think they are tiny like my sample….look at the site. These are 16 oz sizes. I tasted the strawberry and vanilla. I do have to say that my favorite was the strawberry..although the vanilla really tasted good too. You can have them made with skim milk and they can fall into the DD Smart Menu with only 140 calories for a small. Yeah!

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This is the garden that my husband and kids planted. They planted tomatoes, zucchini,cucumber, cauliflower and broccoli. The bunnies have polished off all but one of the cauliflower plants. So they planted peas in the place of all the missing vegetables. We also got some other suggestions for keeping out the bunnies. (Some were for deer that we do not have to worry about, but they thought it might deter the bunnies too). We got a couple of flowers that are supposed to repel them (my mind is blank at the moment) and also used moth balls. Not sure what is helping, but we haven’t had anymore plants eaten. Oh…and we keep letting my dog out to chase the bunnies when we see them. She thinks it is big fun and I think she would play with them if she ever caught them….she wouldn’t know what to do. All they would have to do is yelp at her and she would be scared to death! LOL

This is one of the zucchinis and the kids are so excited about it.
It is a lot of fun to have them help in the whole process. They spend a week at their moms, so when they come for their week here..that is the first thing they want to check on “their garden”.
It is a great learning experience for kids, and provides some relief in the budget too!! Yeah…with this economy every little bit helps.

Now…where all of you come in. I haven’t canned anything since I did it in Home Ec when I was in high school (long time ago). I remember you can freeze some things etc.
If any of you know of good sites that I can learn these things again or know of good storing techniques for vegetables…please pass them on!!

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Magazine Holder

Have you ever looked at the magazine holders you can buy for your magazines and thought how plain they look? Well…no more. You can have the cutest shelves in town with Lisa’s Vintage magazine holder. She has dressed up a basic magazine holder that can hold light weight magazines or catalogs with vintage fabrics and bows.

I think it looks so cute! She has added a place for a label to be added to it also. (Love labels!!)

She has many other items she makes and sells!! So you will need to check out her site! Pale and Pink Roses

To purchase go to Pale and Pink Roses 


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School Papers

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Simple Steps to Decrease the Paper Clutter


Papers from school can be harder to deal with than if someone came in and dumped a garage truck full of trash in your driveway. Why? Because they are personal! Your children did them, worked on them and created them. That is why so many mom’s have trouble getting rid of them. They just love to see what their child has accomplished.
So can you keep everything all your kids do from the time the start school until they finish? Sure…if you want to live in a trash zone or store them in a storage unit so they can rot in there.
No..of course you can’t, and better yet, there is no reason you should.

Should you keep a few special papers each year so that you can enjoy them and they can see them when they grow up? Certainly! But only a few.

Here is a guideline to help you decide what papers to keep and what to get rid of.


How is that for simple? It gives you a limit, a guideline and a goal. Can you keep less than that….YES!!

But what if they have 1 really good picture that won a school coloring contest and then an A+ on their first big report, but they are in the same month? Ok…no problem, go back through the other months and decide on which one is not as important to keep as these.
So really it is 12 papers a year. Yes…you can use the summer months as a cushion.

Don’t keep all the worksheets that they do. They are worksheets..just to learn.
Look for the stories they wrote by themselves.
Look for the pictures they did not trace, but drew themselves.
Look for the reports they worked months on and were so proud of.

So what do you do with all the other pictures they drew, science fair projects with huge poster boards?

Take a picture!! Just like the above pictures. My triplets were thrilled to pose with their projects and loved that I liked them enough to take pictures of them. They don’t care if they don’t have that big poster shoved back in some cubby space in the basement anymore. They still have the memories..and that is all we need too.
You can scan them into your computer if small enough and you have the memory space on your computer.

You can create a photo book from some of these online places like Snapfish. Peter Walsh shared this idea on one of his Oprah shows. He said take pictures of their art work (you can put more than one of their pictures in the photo) and then at the end of each school year create one of these photobooks with their art work. There is room to write in the book accomplishments, teacher’s names, accomplishments for the year. This would be much nicer for them to have when they are older than a box full of papers.

You can have a bulletin board that you keep a special paper of the day or of the week on to showcase it if its a little special and they worked hard on it that week. This will make them feel proud. Then when you take it down, if its not that most special paper of the month…throw it away. (They do not need to see you physically throw it away, nor do you have to tell them – they will just be thrilled their new picture is up now.)

If you keep everything….then nothing will seem special!!

Keeping big boxes of papers to give your children is a burden not a gift. They have to deal with getting rid of all the papers you felt to guilty getting rid of.
Being handed one box of things that goes from k-12 is not so bad, and photo books would be even better.

Remember, it is not like you are saying your child isn’t special or you don’t like the work they do by throwing it away. But keeping everything is not feasible if you want to have a home that is comfortable and not cluttered.

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Paper Clutter

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Papers… Papers… Papers.. Everywhere! Tackle the Clutter

I did my web cast last night on Paper Clutter. I am going to rerun the post that I did several months back, below.
Kristy asked in the comments about the family bringing in all the papers and how to handle that.
Have a “drop zone” for your mail. A basket or bin, some place that everyone in the family knows to put the mail. It may be children’s papers (see this Thursday’s post for Children’s papers)from school too. Any papers coming into the house by anyone needs to go in this designated spot. Then you need to go through all these papers using the system below.
I mentioned last night in my web cast last night that Barbara Hemphill who wrote Taming The Paper Tiger has a basically the same system, but has made it very easy to remember the categories.
She says that every paper coming into the house goes into one of these categories.
F – File
A – Action
T – Trash
This is a real easy way to remember it. It gets broken down a little more than this and I go into it, but this helps you to realize that every paper has a place.

All of us have sooooo many papers coming into our homes everyday. We have bills, magazines, coupons, advertisements, newspapers, and many more. It can get completely over whelming!!! So what do you do with all of them? What do you keep? What do you throw away???
You would think that with the Internet and e-mail that our influx of paper would be greatly reduced, but it has decreased by very little.
Figuring out a way to manage the paper is the key. We have to control the paper and not let the paper control us!! I know that sound so silly, but it can be true.
You need to work out a sorting system for any paper that comes through your door. If you know what to do with it when it comes in..then it hopefully won’t pile up.
Ok…its actually very basic.

You can do it all in 4 sorting bins.
1) Bills
2) Action
3) File
4) Pitch

The Bill bin could very well be in the Action bin, it is an action. But I like to keep them separated so that bills don’t get lost in a pile of things that may not be as important or dated. It can be easy to get behind in your bill paying, and that can cause problems with your credit..not to mention your nerves.

The Action bin is anything that needs attention. Filling out a permission slip for your childs field trip, a form to order that book that you need for a class, a form that needs to be filled out for insurance, etc.

The File bin is any paper that you need to keep (notice I said “need”) and will be filed in a hanging file of a file cabinet.

The Pitch bin should end up being your biggest pile. You do need to pay attention to what goes into the trash can. Having a shredder is important. You want to make sure that you shred anything that has any financial information on it, personal information on it or as some suggest even your name or address. With this age of someone being able to steal your identity, it’s important to be careful.

So when you bring in your mail…take a minute and stand in front of your 4 bins (stackable plastic paper trays work great…and if you have the space, you don’t need to stack them) and sort through it. Take each piece and quickly decide if its an ad and you don’t plan to ever use it…pitch it! If its a bill thats easy. You don’t have to take the time to open your bills at this point, unless you are unsure if it is or not. Take those zillions of credit card offers and put them in the pitch bin! Don’t spend too much time on it. Any ads will come back again and you can always find information on the Internet.

If you take a few minutes each day to go through your papers and sort them then you soon can have a table that looks like this

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Create a Craft Room

Create a Craft Room In Your Closet!

by Yard Sale Princess

Have you ever wanted one of those craft rooms that you see in the magazines? But then you think, “But I don’t have a room for it.” Here is someone who took her craft room to a new place….her closet! She is lucky enough to have two walk in closets and she uses one of them for her craft room. I think it is great and love what she did with it. You would never know from the pictures that she is even in a closet. Check it out!
This is her first guest post and I think she did a great job!! She will be doing more soon I am sure.


Thank you, Sandy, for inviting me to be a guest blogger! This is my first time ever and I am super excited!
Well let’s just jump right into this. Okay, I have a deep dark secret place that I even hide from Hubs, it is my crafting closet.

It is a long closet space that is in our master bedroom. (We have two walk in closets and my wonderful husband designated one as my crafting space.)
I try to keep it clean and organized but I also use it as a hiding place for things that I want my kids to stay out of. I literally toss something in and shut the door. I call this my “STASH AND DASH” system.

Due to this fact, it has become uninspiring. Hubs has tried to help me in the organization process. The cabinet and table were Christmas gifts 3 years ago and he is bummed that they are being abused. The pathetic wire shelves around the top were put in by the home builders and are just too high for me to really use effectively. It really has inadequate storage. When I found myself pulling my hordes of crafting supplies all the way down stairs to do a project just so I could spread out, well, I knew that I had reached my breaking point. So we have decided that if we are going to do a “craft room redo” then it should be done right! So we have taken EVERYTHING out of the room! We have repainted it a bright and inspiring color! Hubs was not allowed to have any input on the color, otherwise it would have been “tan”. Then we rearranged the existing furniture and added some new storage! I am so glad that I put everything into plastic tubs and labeled them. It is totally working out for me!
Ta Da….
Here is the end result!

This cabinet fit perfect in the cubby space! Look at the great paper sorter, it makes it so easy to see what paper I have and they are right at my fingertips.

Bins and baskets are used to contain items. The clear containers make it so easy to see what I have. Every container is labeled! Notice the spice rack that I used for all the little beads. They work great!!

I am absolutely in love with this room! I love the jars of yummy treasures and colorful tidbits,like buttons, corks, ribbon and such. I may add some of my own framed photography around the perimeter for inspiration but I LOVE IT!

Thanks for taking a look at my craft closet. You can visit me and see more of what I do at Digging For Treasures.

Yard Sale Princess

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Father’s Day

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If you are blessed enough to have your Father still with you, then embrace this day. I am lucky, my Dad is still alive. He is 78 years old and still looks great. (doesn’t he?) He jokes and still says that someone told him he had a gray hair, but he doesn’t believe them. (He didn’t have any gray until about 10 years ago)
He is the root of my organizational skills. This is the Master Organizer. He doesn’t keep things he can’t use. Shortly after my mom died he had a Christmas party he was invited to that was a “white elephant”. He wanted to know what that was. When I told him you take some joke gift that you have around the house that no one wants as your gift he said, “But I get rid of things I don’t use around the house…what will I do?” LOL
We are actually celebrating our Father’s Day next Sunday. My sister will be in town and she hasn’t been here for a couple of years. So my brother, sister and I are going to take Dad out to lunch and then to visit my husband’s farm to see all the kids.
Enjoy today if you have your Dad. If you don’t, enjoy some good memories. Make sure your kids enjoy their dad today if possible.

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Children and Chores

Should Children Help With Family Chorse?


I am reposting this because we have been discussing it this week. There be many of you who have not seen it before. (Happy Friday)

I am very opinionated on this subject. I strongly believe that children need to be given responsibilities starting very young. You can start out with just holding the basket so they can put their baby toys in them when they are around a year old!
Job boards with pictures work great for toddlers. A toothbrush for brushing their teeth.
The younger you start the kids in learning they have responsibilities around the house, the more responsible children they will become.
Kids like to feel important, to feel needed, to feel like they contribute to the family.
I don’t feel that kids have to be paid to do chores. Do we get paid to clean the house? It is part of being a family. Of course allowances can be fine and used as a family wishes, I am just saying that I don’t believe a child should think that he HAS to be paid to do any work in the house. It is all a matter of how it is presented.
Our kids do get an allowance. It is very small. Just enough to help them learn how to save some money and how it can go into the bank.
I have often had “extra” jobs that can be “paying” jobs in the summer if the kids want to make some money. It might be washing windows or something that I normally wouldn’t have them do. (They think these is great fun actually.) But these are on top of their normal jobs.
Our kids have 2 regular jobs to do for the week. For the 8 year olds it is setting the table, clearing the table, helping in the kitchen, vacuuming or helping carry the laundry. That is on top of the routine making their beds and cleaning their rooms daily. They also put their clean clothes from their cubbys away when needed.

I think that we need to be raising our children to prepare them to be on their own. I have seen many, many children who have never had to do anything to help in their homes and I feel a disservice is being done to those kids.
I have 3 boys who have left the home and are living on their own now and they all know how to do laundry, keep things clean and what responsibilities need to be done. (I can’t say they always do it..but they have been given the proper tools and instruction and they know how.)

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Kids Chores – Cleaning Buckets

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Having kids helping you can be a chore in itself. Making it fun can help to make it easier to have them help you.
Using colors can help to encourage them. It can also help to encourage us!

I make each child a cleaning bucket. It puts them in charge of something and will make them feel more responsible.
You can make it very simple.
Find a fun colored bucket or basket with handles of some kind.

Everyone is going to feel better about picking up a bright colored bucket instead of dirty grungy gray or black one. You can find them for very little at a dollar store and I have seen them at Target in the Dollar section.
For younger children or children who may not be as responsible to handle a spray of some sort…these wipes are wonderful. They can clean the bathroom, kitchen and even dust their rooms with them.(I wouldn’t use them on real good wood though) You can also spray a rag yourself with a dust spray prior if you don’t want to purchase these. They may be a little extra expense, but it is not like you are using them full time for your cleaning.

The older kids can have a bigger carrier with more cleaning supplies.
Having the cleaning supplies ready and accessible can make it much easier and actually encourage them to clean.

For us: I suggest that you keep several cleaning items in each room you use them. If you keep your windex, toilet bowl cleaner and comet downstairs in the laundry room..and your upstairs bathroom needs a quick clean up…then it more than likely won’t happen as often as if the cleaning supplies were accessible.
I suggest keeping in each bathroom:
*mirror cleaner
*toilet bowl cleaner
*sink and shower cleaner
*rag or sponge
*paper towels

Make yourself a fun bucket! We can have fun cleaning too can’t we?

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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home Book Review

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Are you a cleaner? I have to admit I love things when they are clean, but even though I am an “organizer” it doesn’t necessarily mean I am the best “cleaner”. I used to come home from school every couple of months to find my bedroom completely rearranged. I always thought it was big fun to have my bed in a new place. I thought my mom was just making my life fun. But she was cleaning! Everything, under the bed, behind the dresser etc. I have to admit…once furniture is in a place in my house, it doesn’t get moved very often! I just do the best I can getting the vacuum underneath the bed.
Mrs Meyer’s Clean Home book is like the book of knowledge when it comes to cleaning your home. She has “No-nonsense advice that will inspire you to clean like the Dickens.” She has all kinds of neat tips and tricks. She takes each area and breaks it down. She gives you the “toolbox” of what you will need for each area of your home. She throws in humor and family/parenting advice along the way. It is cleaning the way we dream of!

For instance on this page about the bathroom sink. On the right hand page with the sink it says,
“Got TOOTHPASTE dripping down the side of the sink? Dab it up with a CLOTH and RUB IT ON your sink and shower faucets to BRIGHTEN them up.”
Ok, right there I didn’t know you could use toothpaste to brighten your faucets. I did know you can use shampoo to clean your shower (Fly Lady), but this was a new one for me.
On the left side of this page she has a chart for the different kinds of sinks and what to use to clean them including, porcelain, acrylic, limestone, marble and granite and solid surfaces.
The book is great ladies. The only way it could be better would be if when you open it she jumps out of the book and cleans your house for you!! (Now wouldn’t that be cool!!)

To purchase go to  Mrs Meyer’s Clean Home


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Wordless Wednesday

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The kids on our spring break at Devil’s Den in Gettysburg, PA.

I am not very good at being Wordless! For my Work on it Wednesday Followers, I haven’t given up on it, but just going to alternate this in every other week.
Thanks and “keep working on it”.

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DIY Kids Job Board

You do not have to spend a lot of money to have a chore board for your kids.

chore board

I have posted before how important I think that it is that kids help with chores.
It is not to make it easier for the mom…actually there are many times that it would be a lot easier if we just did it ourselves.
Our job as parents is to prepare our children for life on their own. Learning when they are small that they are part of a family and all the family pitches in to help get things accomplished is very important. It teaches them responsibility, accountability and life lessons.
I may be tough, but I don’t think kids have to be rewarded every time they help do what is expected of them. I do believe in allowances, but mainly so they have some experience in dealing with money. They need to learn to save and how to use it wisely.

This is the job board I use. It is simple, easy to change and not expensive.
You can also simply use your refrigerator to post the jobs rather than purchasing a magnetic board.

Decide what size magnetic board you need. This will depend on how many children you have.
Here is a picture of a smaller one that can be used for just one or two children.  (This is the one I did first and I let the kids make their own “name” label. They loved it (me… not so much, but they were so proud)

Get some magnetized business stickers. You can find these in a business store. They are meant to use for business cards, so you can turn them into magnets.

Peel back the sticker

Take an old business card and turn it so the blank side is showing. You can also cut
paper to fit if you don’t have business cards to use.
Just place them on carefully.

Decide on what jobs you want your kids to have.
They need to be age appropriate. If your child can not read yet, then use pictures along with the words. They will understand what it means.
I use little stars in the right hand corner to signify jobs that the younger children can do.

(hopefully your toothpaste doesn’t look like a worm sitting on a toothbrush like mine!! LOL)

Then just put your children’s names across the top. Place the proper job under their names.
My kids know that if they touch the job board or move things around without permission…they will be given some extra jobs! (so they don’t touch it.)
We change jobs weekly.
Just leave the kids names in the same place and rotate the jobs below.
Very simple!

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Organizing Tips for Working Woman

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Patty Kreamer for a guest blogger

Her web site Bye Bye Clutter has resources, books she has written to buy and her blog. She gives a great thoughts on how clutter can make you feel. Read on!



Clutter, Clutter Everywhere…
and Not a Thing Can Be Found!

By Patty Kreamer
Certified Professional Organizer®
Stressed out? Check out the effect that clutter can have on your life. Remove the clutter, and you’ll immediately notice the difference!
Stress is a major contributing factor to poor health. Physical clutter adds to that stress, often without your knowledge, because clutter is what you no longer see. You walk around the piles of magazines, and you really don’t see them. But I can guarantee that your head and stomach “feel” them; you get a wave of guilt from ignoring the problem. Perhaps you fear throwing things away because you might miss something.

A way to test this stress theory is to remove the clutter and feel the difference. If you are having a difficult time seeing the clutter in question, take a look around your space through a stranger’s eyes, as if company were coming. This is a surefire way to bring into awareness all of the items that you have been ignoring for a long time.

Clutter has no conscience.
Clutter can:
· Make you sick
· Make you feel tired
· Affect your body weight
· Keep you living in the past
· Cause or worsen depression
· Make you put your life on hold
· Induce a feeling of shame and guilt
· Be the main cause of procrastination
· Add unnecessary confusion to your life
· Make you feel that there is no alternative
· Affect how people treat and/or respect you
· Cause disharmony among family, friends, or co-workers

Clutter is nothing more than unmade decisions.
The existence of physical clutter should come as no surprise since we live in such a prosperous country. The problem is that we want everything and we want it NOW. Since we live in a climate of instant gratification, we can have most things whenever we want them. But we don’t need most of what we have in our lives. The “stuff” accumulates and is never given a proper home. Thus, clutter is born.
If you’re able to get your physical clutter under control, the mental clutter is likely to follow without much effort, since one usually causes the other. Have you noticed that when you go into a cluttered room or office, you immediately tense up? If you go into that same room or office after you have decluttered it, you feel liberated. Your time becomes yours again, your priorities fall back into place, and best of all, your health may improve.

Patty Kreamer, Certified Professional Organizer® and owner of Kreamer Connect, Inc., provides speaking, coaching and consulting services to businesses and organizations who value effective practices that will leave their people being more efficient, empowered and proud of their accomplishments.
Do you want to be a much more organized person? Patty’s groundbreaking books, “…But I Might Need It Someday!” and The Power of Simplicity are available for purchase at Or if you prefer a “baby-steps” online/workbook-based course, check out the Clutter Rescue Course®, which will transform a life of clutter, wasted time, frustration and overwhelm to one of power, simplicity and organization.
If you’re looking for a fun, dynamic, and effective speaker, or if your company would benefit from a productivity coach or consultant, Patty is available in person, by teleconference, webinar and phone. Email her directly at or call her at 412-344-3252.
Patty can also be contacted via Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Plaxo/Pulse, or her blog. For useful tips, sign up for her free monthly e-newsletter at
©2009 Kreamer Connect, Inc. Permission granted to reprint this article as long as the text and by-line are not changed. Complete text must be reprinted intact with all links made live.

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Grilled Cheesy Potatoe Packets

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Share My Recipe

This recipe is from the Betty Crocker Site. I thought it looked great for something to use not only on a grill, but over a campfire.

4 cups frozen potatoes O’Brien with onions and peppers (from 24-oz bag)
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1/2 teaspoon seasoned salt
3/4 cup shredded Cheddar cheese (3 oz)

1. Heat gas or charcoal grill. Spray 1 (18×13-inch) sheet of heavy-duty foil with cooking spray. Place potatoes on center of foil. Drizzle with oil; sprinkle with seasoned salt.
2. Bring up 2 sides of foil over potatoes so edges meet. Seal edges, making tight 1/2-inch fold; fold again, allowing space for heat circulation and expansion. Fold other sides to seal.
3. Place packet on grill over medium heat. Cover grill; cook 30 minutes, turning once. Carefully open packet; sprinkle cheese over potatoes. Cover loosely; let stand 4 to 5 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Come and join Share my Recipe Sunday. Add your name and recipe with link to your blog (and the recipe) on Mr. Linky. Take the Share My Recipe Button from my right sidebar and post it on your site with the link back to Share my Recipe.

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SugarDaddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties Review

SugarDaddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties Round Brownies!

Meet Mark, Tom, Allison and Brian. This is team Sugardaddy! (Minus Chef who was on vacation for our visit).
Mark and Tom are the creators and owners of all these goodies!
Tom would make up these wonderful brownie creations and Mark loved them and encouraged him to take his love of baking, his marvelous brownie creations, and creativity to the next level.

Together they formulated the name from Blondies their light or butter, brown sugar based brownies and Brunettes from their chocolate brownies. So what worked better than SugarDaddy’s Scrumptious Sweeties?

There are 17 flavors of these round brownies and blondies. For instance you have the Dark Berry, Auburn Original, Rich Mint, Tahiti, Fiery, Zanzibar, Chai Spiced and many more.

I have to say that the Rich Mint is my favorite…although I loved all the others too. I don’t think there would be any of all that I tasted…and I tasted a lot!!! I was trying just one bite of about all of the items.

Why round?

Tom and Mark did a lot of research and found that the majority of people do not like the brownie crust. They want the moist inside of the brownie. So they bake their brownies and then cut them round.
I think this is great. They do not let ANYTHING go to waste when it comes to their deluxe brownies.
They use the pieces that come from in between the round cuts to make 1 lb bags of “pocket change.” These little pieces of brownie are great for munching, using in a trifle, or paring with ice cream.

For those of us who love the crust…we are not forgotten!! They take the crust and double bake them to come up with Brownie biscotti! Oh…are these good! Brownie taste, crust taste, but so light and great with coffee.

So you think they would be finished right? Nope…more small pieces of brownie are used to make these fabulous Brownie Truffles! Oh my gosh!! Loved these too!!
They are color coded so you know what you are getting.

Here are a few that I got to taste. (Wish I had one right now as I am writing this!!)

This is the Auburn Original. It has triplet chocolate, chocolate ganache and kahlua.

The American Beauty with double chocolate, peanut butter, roasted peanuts, chocolate canache and creme de cacao. Soooo good.

So you would think there wouldn’t be anything left right? They take the smallest parts of the brownies and smash them and use them in the crust of their cheesecake!!
We got to sample it…yummy!

They have also begun to make ice cream and are working to develop more flavors. So that will be fun to see what new flavors they will be coming up with!

Ok…here is a really cool part. Not only do we like them….but they have already been discovered!
Tom beat Bobby on Bobby Flay’s Showdown, (you can find the video clips at the bottom of their home page.) enjoyed by Ellen’s Guest in her Green Room, used as the Snack of the Day on Rachel Ray and has tons of write ups.
They have been in business for only 4 years and have accomplished all of this so far!! Can’t imagine how big they are going to be in the next 4 years!
Here is the brownie that Tom beat Bobby with. It is the Tahiti Blondie: Roated Coconut, Sugardaddy’s special curry spice blend and roasted cashews. Now how is that for a blondie?

They have the cutest store!! This was just completed in February of this year. It feels so comfortable. There is a coffee station

Places to sit and eat and drink your coffee.

They have the cutest wrapping station gift bags and lovely ways to personalize your gifts.

Look at the cute personalized Gift Bag options you can send your goodies in to people!! Also note the Brownie cake sitting on the shelf. You can have this made with several days notice and I hear it is the bomb!!

I could go on believe me! But you need to visit their site..and investigate. What a nice alternative to the normal “flowers” that people send.
They only overnight their products. Why? Good question…because it is the only way to be sure their products are as fresh as can be. They bake them package them and send them the same day and then only overnight ship them. Here is another thing that is very unusual. They call you when your order has been delivered. Now how often does that happen?

Visit SugarDaddy’s web site to place your order!

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Moving Tips

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There are so many things going on when you are getting ready to move. You have to pack, you have to arrange transportation to your new home, rather it be a rented truck and professional movers. New jobs, new schools, new utilities, new house, new friends, and the list goes on.
Trying to keep track of everything that is going on and you need to remember can be a lot to handle.
Do yourself a favor: KEEP A LIST!!!
Get a notebook (spiral one is fine) and label it MOVING.
You can have one central location for all your information.

Write your lists in this book. What list you may ask?
Here are just a few examples of things you may need to keep.

1) What needs to be done before the move.

2) Change of Addresses: (pick up a packet from your post office, it is helpful in
reminding you of things to change addresses for. There are many, and most of
them are the routine, magazines, utilities etc…..don’t forget things that do not
happen monthly such as:

*professional licenses or anything related (RN, MD, etc…)
*Child support system or any court related situation if applicable
*HS or college reunion committees
*Veterans information
*Financial situations: Investor, broker, Banker, Lawyer, Insurance

There are many more..but rack your brain for those “not so often” items that
will need to be changed.

3) What your plans are for setting up the new house.

4) Keep measurements (if you can get them) for the new house so you can get
needed curtains, blinds etc.. and have them with you when you are out.

5) Phone numbers for new places you are discovering. Notes with times and dates
of when you contact companies to change services.

There are going to be many more things you can keep in your notebook, but the main objective here is that you have ONE CENTRAL LOCATION for all your moving information.
You can also find sources out there that have done a lot of the “grunt” work for you in remembering what you will need to remember!
Here is one of them. Buttoned up has many different notebook formats for things in life. This is their Moving Guide.
This would be a great investment and is laid out to help you organize your move step by step.
But if this is not an option for you, at least keep the spiral notebook to keep everything in one place.

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Five tips for Moving

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Moving? Does the thought blow you away? How do you pack it all? Not everyone is able to have professional movers pack them.

Here are 5 steps that can make your packing and moving easier.

1)Sort as you go.
Make sure you have your black and white trash bags handy! (Black for trash,
white for donate)
Make fast decisions. Don’t sit an ponder.
Decide if this item will really add value at your new home or is it something
that will just add clutter.
Has it been packed away or used routinely.

2)Keep Like with Like
Only pack together items that belong in the same room at the new house.

3)Label boxes well.
Label what is in the box
Label what room that box belongs in or came out of. Keep it consistent.

4)Wrap and protect your items well to prevent damage
Don’t pack your boxes too heavy.
Smaller boxes many times work best.

5)Sort again and declutter some more when you unpack!
You may decide in your new home you don’t like the look or feel of something you though
you wanted. Don’t hesitate to declutter even more.

If you have time, try to do a little each day. Don’t wait until the last minute.

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Menu Planning

Guest Post by Organizing Junkie!

by Laura from I’m an Organizing Junkie

Laura from I’m An Organizing Junkie helped to inspire the feel of my blog. Once I discovered blogging I looked at many. I felt most comfortable with hers as I felt it was inviting and fun. I liked the colors, the feel of it and I decided that I also wanted to have a “comfortable” feel to my blog rather than “stiff or stuffy” feel.
She is by far the most recognized organizing blog and I am thrilled to have her being my guest blogger today.
I am so glad she is doing menu planning because it is something that I am not good at. I wish I was….I wish I liked to cook….I have attempted menu planning many times and never seem to stick with it. (See organizers aren’t always organized at every aspect of their lives – although I think we hate it when we aren’t!)
I am going to try her method and give it another shot. Just like I have started couponing..I am going to incorporate menu planning.


Home Organization

Menu Planning Made Easy

I started menu planning three years ago when I became a stay at home mom. It literally changed my life and now I don’t know how I ever managed without it. I use to be under the impression that menu planning was too rigid and wouldn’t offer me any flexibility. Yet that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Menu planning allows me to prepare and shop for a whole week of dinner options at one time and even though I menu plan what I’m having on certain days I am by no means restricted to that. Having all the necessary ingredients on hand allows me the flexibility to switch days around if I need too without any problems. The menu planning itself takes me no time at all. Let me take you through the process of what works for me step by step:
If you can, choose a regular grocery day and stick to it. For instance I like to get groceries on Monday mornings at 8:30 am when the grocery store is less busy and I can get in and out in no time flat.
The night before grocery day sit down with a notepad and create sections for each day of the week.
Then looking through cookbooks or online start putting together a list of 5 or 6 different meals your family might enjoy that week. To make it a little easier for me when I do it, I start by figuring out which “meat” I’m going to have on which day. So on my notepad I might have chicken marked down for Monday and beef marked down for Tuesday. I also usually try to include at least one meatless dish. Once I know what meat I’m having I can do a quick search for say chicken recipes to find one that I want to use in my menu plan.
As you are doing your menu/recipe search you will certainly come across some more dishes that you’d like to try. I created a folder in my bookmarks called “recipes to try” with sub-folders listing the various food categories (ie: veggies, chicken, desserts, etc) and as I find recipes I’d like to try in the future I bookmark them for quick and easy access in subsequent weeks.
Don’t forget to create a night for leftovers. I purposely make extra on the other days so that I can afford myself a leftover day or two and that way nothing is wasted. This is especially helpful if scheduled for nights when you are busiest. I also do Simple Supper Sundays where anything goes.
Some other considerations to keep in mind when creating your weekly plan is what you might already have on hand in your freezer or pantry that might need to be used up. Select recipes around those ingredients and save money on your grocery bill that week.
Have a look at the grocery store sale flyers. If roast is on sale it is a good time to include roast in your menu plan. Also cross reference with any coupons you might have on hand.
Write a grocery list of the foods you need and post your menu where everyone can see it. No more having to answer the annoying “what’s for dinner?” question.
Join Menu Plan Monday to share and get menu plan ideas from other participants.
Smile and relax knowing that come 4 o’clock each evening you’ve got dinner covered. No panic necessary.

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Creekside in Gahanna Ohio

June 6, 2009 by  
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Just to share something a little different today. A little light, fun and romantic place near my home town.

I went with my hubby to dinner last night in little ole’ Gahanna, OH. I had not been to the area they had completely built up as Creekside yet. Pictures looked nice and @creeksidenews is on Twitter, saying how nice it was, so we decided to give it a try. I was very pleasantly surprised. We decided to pick Wine Guys Wine Shop for dinner. We were able to eat out at one of the tables outside. We did not have a creekside view, rather a street and fountain view…but it was still so quaint to sit outside and eat. They had wine tastings. Wait…they called them wine flights. You get 4 small (I think it was 2 oz) glasses of four different wines in the same grouping to taste. Then you can order after that if you choose. These equal about 1 1/2 glasses of wine and that is plenty for me.

They also serve food in tapas sizes. They are smaller portions than normal, so that each person can order 2 or 3 tapas and try different things. We ordered a bread plate, salad to share, pizza and the special which was steak kabobs. We had pizza and steak to bring home.
I kept telling my husband as we sat outside that it made me feel like I was on a vacation. I didn’t feel like I was in Ohio anymore. Isn’t that the ultimate complement?

We then took a walk along the creekside and here are some pictures of that. White lights decorated some of the trees along the way.

See the baby ducks? Look close!
Of course we had to stop and get ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery!!
We really enjoyed this. I told my hubby it was the perfect date night. I look forward to coming back.

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