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Make a List To Organize Your Plans

For many of us this will be a busy weekend, full of picnics, fireworks, family reunions and fun! This was a 4th of July weekend at our farm 3 years ago. My hubby was helping the triplets to make and paint their own birdhouses. We went canoeing, picked black raspberries and cooked out. Great time.
But busy weekends also entail planning things out so you do not forget to bring the brownies you promised!

Get out Your Paper and Pen and start your list for what you will need to have this weekend.
1) Cooler
2) Ice – Make your own ahead if there is time!
3) Food/Drink
4) Place settings/cups
5) Napkins/paper towels
6) Trash Bags
7 )Bug Spray
8) Sun Screen
9) Lighter
10) First aid kit

Ok…now you add on to it. Think through what you are going to be doing for that day.

Check it off as you get it packed in the car.

Your day/weekend will go much smoother if you have it planned out and aren’t forgetting half the things you need.

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