Organizing Office Desk Drawers

July 11, 2009 by  

Office desk drawers can often become office junk drawers with everything in them….and you can’t find a thing when you look.
You can easily change out a drawer with just a little organization and some drawer organizers.

There are many places that have drawer organizing units, from The Container Store to Target…but you really don’t need anything elaborate. You can find little baskets at the dollar store. You can use ice cube trays to separate out paper clips, rubber bands, etc. The boxes that your checks come in make great little organizers.

Just use your sorting skills as you go through your things.
1)Keep – Use it, love it, want it
2)Donate – Don’t want it, can’t use it, do not like it (but someone will)
3)Move – Goes into a different room or space
4)Storage – Seasonal
5)Trash/Recycle – Broken, torn, can not donate

Go through the zazillion pens that are in your drawers and test them. Get a piece of scrap paper out of your trash/recycle and test each and every pen. If it doesn’t write right away then pitch it. If it is a marker and is dim..pitch it.
You can make a bag of pens to go in the car, take with you to your office or donate them if you have too many.
Use the baskets and separate your items so they are “like with like”.

Simple as that you can have nice looking desk drawers and will be able to open them and actually find things.

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One Response to “Organizing Office Desk Drawers”
  1. Jen @ Sunshine4Teachers says:

    Love this post. We use ice cube trays in the bathroom drawer to sort out all those barrettes and pony tail holders!

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