Ohio has a New Child Seat Law

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I had heard there were going to be changes to the Child restraint law in Ohio, but had not yet seen it or heard the dates it was going to be in effect. I came across this article that Angela Thompson wrote on the Columbus Stay at Home Mom Examiner. (See her article for links) when she found me on twitter. She is @mymamasworld

** Here is an update I got from a Lt. S.Norman from the State of Ohio

I read site today regarding Ohio’s new booster seat law. The dates listed were not listed correctly and I wanted to make sure you had the correct ones. This bill was passed back in almost six months ago and officers will be able to start enforcement on October 7, 2009, not April of 2010. There was the 6 month grace period and it comes into effect this October. Thanks for keeping Ohio’s kids safe and their parents up-to-date on the new laws! We are already finding that some parents are struggling financially and are having a hard time purchasing new booster seats. Do you know of any local organizations that may help with the purchase of new seats? This would be good information for those parents out there! Thanks again!
Even if you don’t live in Ohio, be sure to check and make sure you are aware of what your state laws are.  The Academy of Pediatrics has long been recommending children stay in booster seats until they are 8 years old…so be sure you are aware. Also if any of you know of any organizations that help with purchasing booster seats, please let me know so I can pass on the information to her.


Is your family ready for Ohio’s new child safety seat law?

carseats Need a booster seat? (Photo by A. Thompson)

Have you heard the news, Ohio parents? There is a new child safety seat law in our midst! Governor Ted Strickland signed Substitute House Bill 320 into law on Tuesday, January 6, 2009, which amended Ohio’s child
safety restraint law. Prior to this amendment, children under 4 years old and under 40 pounds were required to use child restraints when riding in a motor vehicle with older front seat passengers required to use a seat belt. Law will now require that children ages 4-8 and with heights less than 4 feet 9 inches use a booster seat when riding in a personal motor vehicle. Children ages 8-15 which are not required to be restrained in a child restraint system or booster seat, must be secured in the vehicle with seat belts—whether in a front or rear seat.

Because booster seats have long been recommended for children between the ages of 4-8, some parents already own and use the seats. However, a close eye during drop off at your child’s school will remind you that many do not! Many parents may be unaware of the adoption of this new law and may be surprised when the enforcement period begins on October 7, 2009! To ease parents into the transition, law enforcement agencies will issue warnings only for the first six months (beginning on October 7, 2009). Full enforcement, with citations, will begin on April 7, 2010. Fines for violating the child restraint laws will range from $25 to a maximum of $75 per occurrence.

While some booster seat brands may be purchased for less than $15, it is understood that purchasing these seats, especially in multiples for larger families, may be a hardship for some. The passage of this law has allowed Ohio to become eligible for receipt of federal funding to provide education and awareness activities regarding the law changes as well as to distribute free car seats and booster seats to low income families. Help is available from the Ohio Department of Health through the Ohio Buckles Buckeyes program to provide child restraints to low income families throughout the state.

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Protect-A-Bed Mattress Pad Review

img-mattress-padsMattress pads are something that I typically hate to spend money on, but it is one of those necessities.  It seems it would be more fun to buy new sheets or a comforter, doesn’t it?   But when you realize the reality of what can breed in our mattresses…you will realize a good mattress pad is well worth it!

I was sent this mattress pad to test out and I am happy to say I have been very pleased with it.  We have been using it for a couple of months now and it is comfortable, no plastic wrinkly noises, no sweating (because it doesn’t breath) and even though I can’t see it..it is nice to not worry about the mites and bacteria. (Mites I know are around and I don’t want to think about them…but bed bugs I have never had and don’t ever plan on having!..uh ..yuk!)

Mattress pad bed bug pic

This shows the Miracle Membrane which is described on their web site as “a new age air vapor porous barrier fabric, which is waterproof and protects mattresses from all liquids and bodily fluids.”

mattress pad review

The top is a natural terry cloth fabric that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter (who doesn’t love that?). I hope you can see the texture from this picture. It looks like a soft smooth robe.

It is hypoallergenic, prevents dust mites and bacteria from breeding in the mattress. It is recognized as a Class 1 Medical Device by the Food and Drug Administration.

side view of mattress pad

It washes up great and one of the things I noticed right off the bat was that it fit our mattress! We have a large pillow top mattress (you can see where the pillow top starts through the fabric, so that is a tall mattress to cover and I have a hard time finding sheets to fit…but this fits great)  The other wonderful thing about it is that it doesn’t “pop” off the corner of the bed everynight. Literally every morning my husbands corner of the bed had the sheets and mattress pad pulled off (I don’t know what he does over there every night when he sleeps….) but since we have had this mattress pad I have not had one time that has happened. I am 100% satisfied with this mattress pad and thrilled that they sent it to me to try out. (disclosure policy)

To Purchase Your Own:  Go to Protect-A-Bed and order today.

To Win:

1) Go to  Protect-A-Mattress and find the Bed Bug video. Watch it and tell me what can protect your mattress and really work to prevent Bed Bugs.   Come back here and leave me a comment.
2) If your e-mail needs to be either on your comment or easily accessible in your profile

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8) Tweet out this giveaway up to 3 times per day.
9) Add any of my 3 buttons to your sidebar and come back to let me know.

See….lots of ways to enter to win!

This Contest Ends Thursday Sept. 3rd at 11:59 pm est. THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED

This contest is open to US mailing addresses only. Only one person from home can enter.

You will have 48 hours to respond to my e-mail if you win to be eligible. If I don’t hear from you then I will go on to the next winner.

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Look What I Get to Wear To Type-A Mom Conference!

Shabby Apple Dress

Cool huh?  Of course I won’t look like her..(in my dreams!) but I will do the best with what I have.  This is a full length dress.  Short dresses and my legs just don’t get along well.  I was a little worried when this came today because it wasn’t in some big box, it was in a padded large envelop! I’m thinking…Ok,  I am sunk..this will never fit.  But it is a jersey fabric and seems sooooo comfortable.  A pair a tight panty hose and spanx and I should be good to go. LOL!!

Thanks Shabby Apple for giving me the dress to wear to the conference. (disclosure policy)I hope I will do you proud.  Real live pictures of me in the dress will be coming in September when I go to the conference. I just wanted to say Thank you  now too.

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Adidas Shoes

Review of the Style Essentials Tech L2 Shoe

Adidas shoes

Everyone knows that Adidas makes a great shoe….for sports, exercise and for everyday use. So when Adidas contacted me to ask if I would like to be sent a pair of the Style Essentials Tech L2 shoe for one of my  sons to review…do you think I said no?  Of course not. I was thrilled. I happen to have 3 of my 7 boys in the room when the e-mail came through…LOL  If you can picture me sitting with a laptop computer and a 15, 16 and 21 year old huddled around me drooling.

Adidas Style Essentials Tech L2 Shoe

The consenses was that they all 3 liked the white ones the best from the pictures.  So now the next question was…who gets them? My 21 year old is out since he doesn’t live at home anymore and doesn’t go back to school.  My 15 year old has recently gotten 3 new pair of running shoes for track/cross country…so that leaves the 16 year old to get these shoes. {He was jumping up and down….yes..I mean literally…wish I had my video on when he did his Happy Dance}

Adidas Tech L2  (2)

We got these shoes really quickly. They just launched this Style Essentials Tech L2 shoe at the beginning of August. They thought of comfort, style and of course the Adidas quality to make this Back to School Shoe a hit with teens. Tim opened the box and the first words out of his mouth were a very calm, “Cooool”.  He tried them on and was even more impressed. He said he was surprised they were cut a little lower than he thought they would be (Adidas design was for the low-profile shoe sport look so that the shoes can be worn casually or on the go).  What he was most impressed with was the comfort. He kept saying, “Wow…these are really comfortable. I like them, they feel really good mom.”

Adidas Tech L2

The upper shoe material is a combination of mesh and synthetic materials and there is 3D cushion to provide all the comfy support my son liked.

I have to say that this shoe got the thumbs up from my son.

Available in boy’s/men’s sizes in either the white/silver/black  or the black/blue color. Retail price is $75 and you can find them exclusively at Famous Footwear stores.  (They are so popular that they are temporarily sold out on the web site, but still available in the stores)

Disclosure Policy

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Hoarding….What is it all About?


Did any of you watch the new show on A&E (Mondays at 10pm est).  It is called appropriately enough…”Hoarders”.
It gives the real life picture of what a hoarding house looks like….the thought process that the hoarders go through and their reasoning in why they “need” to keep their “stuff” and how they get rid of it…or do not get rid of it.  This is real life (from what I can tell) and shows the real emotions of these people. They get very anxious when people try to throw their things away if they have not made the decision themselves.

Hoarding. This is an Emotional Problem

This is an emotional problem.  There needs to be a psych. Dr. involved and helping to treat the person for the changes to stay in effect.

The picture above is a garage.  If you will notice that the boxes almost touch the garage door hardware on the ceiling….yes that is the ceiling! This is a woman I worked with last year. She is a hoarder…and knows it. She has books on organizing and is determined to get out of the mess she is in.  She has a very limited budget ….a disabled husband, and no real help.  She wants to move into a 600 sq ft house that her son (deceased) used to live in. Her house is a 4 bedroom home with basement and garage full. It would be cool for her to be on a show like that and get the physical help she needs.

But I love hearing what these people are saying….because I feel like I have heard most of it out of the mouth of my client.  They have a reason for each thing they have and have a hard time giving it up.

Hoarding is a serious emotional issue…it is not just lazy people.  Would love for you to see the Chaotic Kitten of Dehoarding Diary.  She is a hoarder who is decluttering her house and blogging on it. She has before and after photos. Love her and so proud of her.

You also might be interested in these pasts posts of mine:

What if I’m a Hoarder? What do I do?


Dehoarding Diary Works it Out

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Pork Recipe

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Janelles Pac Man Pork Recipe

pac man pork
This week’s Gem of the Week award is going to go to Janelle from At Home with My Monkeys for her Pac Man Pork. I love the name…her kids named it because they “gobble it up”. I will frequently have the kids name a new recipe, but ours is something like Jenney (my last name) surprise. LOL
I also like Crock Pot recipes. I think they are great in the winter…and although I usually don’t make them in the summer (we grill out more) they actually make more sense in the summer instead of using the stove. I just think of Crock pot recipes as nice warm comfort “winter” food.  (Read more…..)


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Walmart $500 Bedroom Makeover Giveaway!

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Just one of the Cute products that Your Zone at Walmart have to offer.

Just one of the Cute products that Your Zone at Walmart have to offer.

I was lucky enough to be asked by Walmart to do this bedroom makeover  and I am thrilled to be able to pass it onto you. They provided me with a $500 gift card to redo one of my teens rooms. I have to present a video of the finished product to them and they will feature it on their “Get Inspired” area of their web site.

Walmart has a great line of products for Teen bedrooms called Your Zone. These are all mix and match, very reasonable priced products that make it both easy and affordable to completely redo a bedroom for a price that most of us can handle.  I know for me, bedrooms are lower on the list of priorities for spending much money on…so this was so much fun to do. They have a really cool tool on their site that lets your virtually design your room.  We were able to use the make over section and Tim helped to figure out what he wanted in his room.  (Of course I had to make sure I had some organizing features in it too…you will see when my video is complete.)

We have 5 children living in our 2,000 sq ft home.  We are a little cramped…but its all good. We have had our two teenage boys sharing a bedroom. Tim 16 years old and Drew, 15 years old have had a set of bunk beds, two dressers and not much else in this 12×12 room (approximate). I discussed this project and the two of them made the decision. Tim was going to stay upstairs and have his room redone by Walmart.  Drew was going to go to the basement and have an unfinished portion of the basement made into his “Man Cave” (as he has nick named it) So off we go. Stay tuned to my blog as I will have pictures of Drew’s basement transformation too.

I will soon have Tim’s room complete. We have his bed up and most everything purchased, walls painted and we are almost ready to go. Stay tuned for the completion video.

RULES TO WIN (Please follow if you want to be eligible to win)

To have a chance to win this $500 gift card from Walmart to be used to purchase Your Zone products to redo your teens bedroom..this is what you need to do.  I am going to include a little younger than teen also. I have 8 year old triplets and they love the products. So since I do need to pick a cut off age, instead of going 12- years and older (this is really geared more for the 12-17 year age group)….I am going to go down to 8 years old (by August 20, 2009) and no older than 17 years old…be eligible for this giveaway.  The winner will not be picked by a voting process because I want all of you to have a fair chance.

You must agree to spend the $500 to redo the bedroom  if you win.  I would like a before and after picture that I can  post on my site.


1) Go to the Walmart Your Zone site and tell me if you would be remodeling for a girl or boy…their age and which bed is your favorite.

2) Your e-mail address has to be easily accessible either on your blog or preferably  in one of the two above comments.

FOR EXTRA CHANCES TO WIN: (Each of these has to have a separate comment.)

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See there are lots of ways to enter!!

This contest will be open to US residents only.  You must respond within 48 hours if you win.

This contest ends on Thursday September 10th, 2009 at 11:59pm est *THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED ANY COMMENTS AFTER 11:59pm est on SEPT 10th WILL NOT BE COUNTED**

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New Word Press Blog!

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I have done it…I have actually gone to Word Press!!   yippee….Hooray!!

I am still learning things….but think it is going to be great.  I am “convert”.

I do not have the followers widget on WordPress, so if you were a follower of mine on blogger,  I would love for you to  sign up to  subscribe by e-mail (form) or feed (orange RSS button in top row). Thanks!!

Thanks so Michael at Uncorrupted Hosting and Revka from Berries and Cream Blog Designs. She spent 2 1/2 hours today going over WordPress with me! Is that fantastic or what?  She was on Dimdim and was able to show me the screen and what she was doing. It was so helpful.  Then together they got me through a mess in transferring all these posts over and fixing mess ups.

Technorati this is for you – ev5z8fr7wk

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Butterscotch Cake Recipe

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Guest Post from SnoWhite

I am giving my Gem of the Week Award to SnoWhite (isn’t that cute?) from “Finding Joy in My Kitchen.”
This cake looks soooo good! She gives the step by step pictures (which I love) to making this cake. You will have to go see the whole process. You can see it very simply by clicking HERE.


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The Good Home Cookbook Review and Giveaway

August 12, 2009 by  
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Who can’t use a new cookbook? There is so much packed into this cookbook!!

The difference about this cookbook is that it is all recipes that are “good home-cooked” meals. It claims to be “The only cookbook entirely tested in home kitchens across America!
Cool! Over 1,000 classic, simple, clear cut recipes that taste and smell like they came from Grandma’s kitchen.
It even gives the appearance of one of Grandma’s cookbooks with the hand drawn pictures. (It actually does remind me of one my mom used to have)
I personally would like to have had some photographs of some of the dishes along with the hand drawn pictures. I like seeing what the dish looks like.

To Buy: Go to Abrams Books and purchase it for $29.95.

To Win:

1) Go to Abrams Books and and check out their site. Tell me how many pages are in this book.
Then come back here and comment on it. Please be sure to leave me your e-mail address in your FIRST comment. (Each week I have people who don’t win just because they have not entered their e-mail address)

For Extra Chances To Win!!

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This contest is open to US mailing address only.
Only one person from mailing address eligible to win.
(will send out an e-mail to the winner and you will have 48 hours to respond back to me or I will pick another winner.)

This contest will run until August 19, 2009 8:00 pm EST  *THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED*

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Interview with Maria Bailey!

This was an interview that I did while I was at BlogHer09 with Maria Bailey, one of the co-founders of MomTV,NewBaby.com, Bluesuit Mom, BSMmedia, award winning author, radio talk show host, Nationally known speaker….and I COULD go on! Anyway..I was thrilled to be able to even talk to her, let alone be interviewed by her.

Ok..yes I looked nervous (and I was) at least at the beginning. I wasn’t scheduled to do my interview until the morning. I happened to be at the right place and the right time and Maria asked if I could just do my interview then. She is one great lady!

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Organizing Pet Supplies

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Organizing Your Dogs?

Organizing and dogs don’t really work! LOL You can organize their things of course…but not them.
If they are properly trained, going outside to potty is not a problem. But when they are sick…thing are different.
I am writing this because “things are different” in this house in the last few days.

Gizmo 0r Gizzy for short

Gizzy (above) has been sick. She started getting sick Saturday night and had me up 3 times through the night. She had both V and D. (I really don’t want to write them out…I think you get the point…it is breakfast time you know)
I ended up taking her into the vet hospital yesterday morning. She had blood in both her V and D yesterday am. She has been in since yesterday and getting IV fluids to hydrate her. They think she has either pancreatitis from the high fat content in the steak bone we gave her Thursday night or an obstruction. They are holding off doing x-rays and all kinds of labs and just watching her (I appreciate that $$$)


Enter Sadie – She has been fine, just worried because her sissy isn’t here.
But I came down to find two (one on linoleum but the other in the boys bedroom carpet…ggggrrrrhhhh)places where she had had D. No not her too!! (she is my soul mate doggie)
I called the vet and they said to take her food and water away. Give her ice cubes to keep her hydrated and cook up some hamburger meat (drained) and give her little bits and that helps with the D.
Dog hair to clean up, vet bills, ruined carpet (Gizmo chewed up a red ink pen 2 years ago and we had to replace the carpet in the family room because of it)from pens and D/V, rolling in poop at the farm, bad breath….WHY DO WE LOVE THESE ANIMALS? LOL I don’t know…but we love them and they are a part of the family…so we deal with the bad along with the good.

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Back To School Organizing

August 10, 2009 by  
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Are you Ready for the School Routine to Start again?


Many of us have kids starting school within the next two weeks. My kids start next week..they are excited. I have the “mixed emotions” going on. I am not excited about the morning routine, homework, crazy mornings and after school….BUT I am excited that I will have some more time freed up during the week to spend with my organizing clients.
I discussed what Peter Walsh had to say about the school organizing. He talked a lot about “routine”.
But what is the routine?
My Morning Tips.
1) Get up at least 15 minutes earlier than you “think” you need to. There will always be a glass of spilled milk or a “melt down” when you least expect it.
2) Have a “job board” if needed to help your child remember their morning routine.
3) PREPARE the night before!!!
* Pack lunches or lunch money
* Lay out clothes
* Have book bags ready to go
* Homework inside in the bookbags
* Library books inside the bookbags (you get the point)
* Take your shower the night before if possible.
* Have breakfast planned and table set

My After School Routine Tips
1) Routine…Routine….Routine. (kids need it)
2) Book bags emptied when they come in the door. Have a specific spot for their papers where you can go through them.
3) Snack
4) Homework time (don’t delay it, get it over with..they are still in school mode..not play mode yet.)
5) Have a quiet place, with low stimulus for homework. Desk in their room without tv, or a kitchen table.
6) Put their book bags away in a set spot. Hooks on the back of a door can work great.

Get Ready…Get Set…here come the school projects!!


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The Bounty Experience at COSI

I was happy to have the experience of taking my triplets and heading to COSI (Center of Science and Industry) in Columbus, Ohio for this event put on by Procter and Gamble.
This was the first of its kind and they were “testing the waters” (pun intended) to see how it would go. This was a free event open to anyone and the kids got fun Bounty backpacks and a little rubbery stretchy toy, along with a lot of educational hands on experiences. Bounty sponsored a group of 3rd graders from a near by school to come to the event, they also got the same bright green t-shirts that all the P&G employees wore. (very cute).

This was set up as a fun learning experience for the kids. My triplets are going into 3rd grade also and it was a perfect age, although would have been appropriate for a older or younger.
They started us off with some discussion about paper and its properties and strength with volunteers for demonstrations.
(That is one of mine on the left)

Then after the initial presentation they had stations set up for the kids to go to.

There were maybe 8-9 of them. They were all interactive for the kids. At this station they got to roll play- dough to see how it was bumpy but it could be smoothed out. (as it is done in the paper towel making process) They got to touch soft, squishy…they got to try and clean a container with two different kinds of paper (cardboard and paper towels) to see which was flexible and easier to clean with.

Here they were showing the kids how much water Bounty paper towels could absorb compared to other paper towels. But it wasn’t just “Ours is better than theirs”…they were explaining the science behind everything to them. They were teaching them why and how. (See FAQ)

I had to ask my step daughter what this station was about. (I was talking to some ladies from P&G). She just told me they were telling them about plants and the gases that come from them.

I was busy talking to Laura and Elicia (who were very nice and helpful by the way…aren’t they so cute? No…they didn’t tell me to say that. LOL!) from P&G when the kids were at the “balloon” station. They were explaining to me how concerned and proactive P&G (Bounty) is in the environment and how they plant a tree for every tree they take down. They use the smaller perforations so that you can use a smaller amount of paper towel for a smaller job. (less waste)

The kids got to see how they could actually make paper themselves. They showed them what pulp was and how it is used to make paper.

They actually went through the whole process of making a piece of paper.

Then they got to see a finished product (this one had been made the night before)

This station was one of the most fun for the kids. It was showing the strength of the paper towels when they got wet. The put a Bounty paper towel over a bowl and held in place, and then did the same with another brand paper towel. They added about 7 pool balls onto the paper towels and then added water. You can see my Zach was expecting the worse…and he was right..the paper towel broke when the water was added. But they just dropped into the bowl…nothing went flying like he expected!

He then added the water to the Bounty paper towel loaded with the same number of balls and it held. He had the kids add the balls from the broken paper towel to the Bounty paper towel and showed how many more it could hold before it finally broke. Actually a very enlightening example to me!

There were a couple of other stations there as well. We had a really nice outing and hopefully Bounty can take this “show” on the road to some other cities. It is good fun education for the kids and also educational for the adults too!

Thank you P&G and COSI for bringing the Bounty Experience to Columbus!

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Peter Walsh and Office Max

Peter Walsh and Back To School Web Cast With Office Max

I took part in a web cast with Peter Walsh that Office Max sponsored yesterday. He had with him in this picture from left to right a Teacher, a middle school student, Peter, a Mom and a High school student. He would ask different questions and then compare how the different people viewed the different situations.
He went over how to get organized to start school. I want to share the information that he gave because I think it is valuable.
(My pictures aren’t very good of this because I took a picture of my computer screen and I kept getting the glare back)

These are the screens he put up. I wanted to show this one to show you what we saw..but I will just write up the test of them.

1) Find the vision you have for a space (what do you want it to look like)
2) Make Organization a Family Value
3) Use the Right Tools for Organizing

1)Show that you value Organization
2)Establish Clear Limits and Routines
3)Always Finish a “cycle”. Finish a task

1)Establish Clear Routines
2)Involve Kids with Classroom Organization
3)Use Word pictures and color to help Organize

One of the things that the teacher pointed out that really doesn’t have to do with Organization but I thought it was a wonderful thing to mention was – That teachers do not want wooden apples and little gifts for holidays etc. They want classroom supplies. Peter Walsh said on the average teachers spend about $1,200 a year of their own money on classroom supplies. So next time instead of buying your teacher another little trinket that will add to her clutter at home….buy her things she can use for classroom supplies.

Peter got on twitter for about 15 minutes after the web cast. Of course remember he has over 200 bloggers all trying to “chat” with him via twitter. I said a few things, but he did respond to me.

I wrote him, Thanks @Peter_Walsh You are like chocolate to an Organizer.
He actually saw it and said Thanks Sandy.
I know that seems crazy….but it made my day. LOL

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BlogHer Swag


I have had several people ask me questions lately about the “swag” we received at the Blogher conference and the opportunities I have had being a blogger and what that means.
I have to admit that it has been a lot of fun meeting new people and companies and that most bloggers I have dealt with are more than happy to help you in any way they can.
The MomSelect Swag Suite at the Blogher conference was a very popular place to be. Maria Bailey (founder of MomSelect and Co founder of MomTV )and BSM Media were in charge of that and they had a line out the door. They had some trouble getting some of their products delivered on time…so when the response was so huge..they had to shut the doors for a few hours to restock and get things organized before they could open back up.
Here is a list of the things they had for the bloggers (for those of you who have asked what kinds of things we received.) By the way…I am not trying to brag in any way here..I am trying to thank those involved for all they did for us and the companies for all the samples and products they handed out to us.
These were things that were available. They had them spread around the room and started us out with the Land’s End Backpack to use as a goodies bag. I did not pick up everything because not everything was appropriate to my family.

AdoraPet DVDs – Triplets will love to watch it.
Beaute de Maman Samples
Build-a-Bear Workshop Bears –So cute!
Cultural Care Au Pair Memory Card Game
Disney T-shirts/hand sanitizer
Easy Mac Cups
Enfamil Gift Bags
ItzaBitza DVD Game
Kindermusik Gift Bags
Lands’ End Backpacks – Wonderful…to give to one of my boys to use.
Latitude Tools – Great level, can’t wait to try it.
Moving Picture Books
My Princess Party To Go- Princess favors
No-Slip Grippies Tights
Precious Moments Baby Clothes
Seventh Generation Organic Tampons
SoftLips I threw in my purse…nice

It was fun to get all these things…but I would have loved to have just visited with Maria and others I have not been able to meet at Mom TV and Mom Select.

I have also had the opportunity to work with Walmart in a promotion to remodel one of my teens bedrooms. You can follow the progress of that and there will be a chance to win a make over yourself at the end of that.

I was asked to attend a P&G Bounty Experience today at COSI (Center of Science and Industry) in Columbus. I will be posting on that later in the week.

I have had many other opportunities lately and hope to have even more in days to come.
As a Mom blogger I will let you know that I look forward to working with more companies and other bloggers. I will be honest about what I tell you about and if I should promote something…it is because I like the company or product. They may offer to sponsor me or give me a product to review…but if it is not something that would be beneficial to my readers..I don’t really care what they offer me…I won’t be a part of it.
I will also post about contest or do a post because of a contest (as part of this one is) but again…if I don’t believe that it is something I should post about or don’t feel good about it..I won’t do it.
But I am more than Happy to blog and thank others for the opportunities they are giving me or the products they have introduced me to.

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Card Memories Review

Organize Your Greeting Cards


I’ll tell you what…some of the great ideas that people come up with! This Card Memories Greeting Card Keeper will solve a lot of problems for those of you who love to keep their greeting cards.

For an organizer…Greeting cards can be one of those…”Oh no…she has all the greeting cards that anyone ever gave her from the time she was a baby” ….moments.
People have a hard time getting rid of them.
What do I normally tell them and what I am still going to stick to even with this product?
Save only those greeting cards that are VERY memorable and that have personal messages inside. If it is card from graduation 20 years before and it was from a friend of your parents that you hardly knew…throw it out! (recycle is best)
But if it was a Mother’s Day card that your child wrote a special heart felt message in to you…then it is ok to keep it.
But here is a solution to the “keeping it” cards!
These albums not only let you slid your greeting cards into a sleeve to protect…it lets you slide your OPEN card into a sleeve so not only can you see the front…you can see and read the inside. So simple…yet ingenious!

She has 2 size albums – Large albums hold cards with a closed dimension of up to 9-1/4″ X 5-3/4″ in size.
Medium albums hold cards with a closed dimension of up to 8″ X 5″ in size.
There are several colors available and they are very reasonably priced. $10-$16.99 and that includes the card sleeves.
I really think these are great! You can keep your special cards protected from damage and be able to look at them anytime you want to enjoy. They are not stuck away in some box in the basement or stuffed in drawers.
To me the only negative I see is that even the large is not going to fit some of those really large cards you get, but the majority of your greeting cards will fit into one of these 2 albums.
The other issue I noticed was that I had a card that had several folds in it (one that stretched out) But I just put it so that the front showed and then the end page where the personal message was written and that is what is most important anyway. So the couple negatives I noticed really aren’t negatives at all.

I would highly recommend these albums if you are someone who does like to save some of your greeting cards, then your can keep these albums on a shelf or place them on a coffee table where they can be enjoyed.


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Bedroom Remodel

August 3, 2009 by  
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Room Remodel

We have begun! We are completely redoing my 16 year old son’s bedroom thanks to Walmart. Today is painting! (No..my son hasn’t been sleeping on the floor without any bedding. LOL) We already carted out the the bunk beds that were previously in there. He did share a room with my step son. We have moved Drew down to the basement. {He chose it and is calling it his “man cave”}
We have already planned out the room on paper. We have purchased most of what we are going to use in the bedroom. I have a couple of things on order that Walmart does not have in the stores.

Now for the paint. My sister is an artist. She has such an eye for what looks right. So I consulted with her. We have decided to go with a very dark gray on 2 of the walls. I know it sounds really strange…but you will just have to follow along over the next couple of weeks to see how it is going to look.

See the follow up on this Room Remodel

The Big Room Reveal

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BlogHer 09

(I saw this on a couple of blogs and loved the idea…so I did steal the idea of taking a picture of all the business cards. I know I was excited to see mine in someone else’s pile….so look for yours and leave me a comment if you see it!!)

I have so many thank yous to everyone at BlogHer. Thanks yous for putting it on , thank yous for coming up to me and saying you recognized me (those were the coolest!), thank yous for being the first person to introduce yourself in line at the hotel (@mom101), for asking me to sit down and eat lunch with you and your daughter that first day (@Mamacita) my roommate who gave up her free room to help me out since I had 2 people back out on me. (@Military_Mom) A big thank you for helping me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable place and for being nothing but nice to me (@craftymamaof4). I have big thank yous for these two Walmart 11 Moms for treating me as an equal although in the blogging world we are no where close (@mommybrain and  @consumerqueen). Thank you to all the sponsors for all the fun swag they gave us and sponsoring all the parties and food and drinks. I feel I learned so much although I wasn’t able to make it to hardly any sessions. (that is crazy isn’t it?)
Thank you to the Label Daddy team for asking me to eat breakfast with them at the Newbie Breakfast.
Thank you to Annalisa from GM for discussing the GM cars and organizational features for a possible review with me.

Thank you to John Andrews from Collective Bias and who started Walmart Eleven Moms for talking to me. I had never been able to meet you and was thrilled to realize how down to earth and nice you really were!
I will be anxious to see the video I made about how wonderful my husband is…although I stumbled through it. Your team was awesome to talk to at BowlHer.
It was a pleasure to meet Ted Rubin.
Denise from Brother was great to talk to and I look forward to working with you in the future.

I was thrilled to meet so many people that I see and talk to online IRL (in real life…I thought I would translate for a few like me who were slow to figure that one out)

To the Sponsors that I have pictures for…and this is such a small portion of you. But Thank you for all you did. Thank you for talking to us about your Brands and how we can help each other in this economy. Thank you for coming out to BlogHer and making it so much fun.
I especially want to thank my sponsors for helping to get me to BlogHer.
The Sock Sacks are a great way to organize your socks in the washer/dryer. LOL Kids and adults both will put their dirty socks in their own sock sack. Then you simply put your sock sack into the washer then the dryer…bring them out and NO SORTING! No more lost socks in the wash/dry cycles. I love them! Thanks Sock Sacks for helping me to be able to go.
The pouchee purse organizer is my other sponsor (well…that would be me, but I sponsored myself! LOL ) I did not make this purse organizer (I wish I did) but I do sell them because I am sold on how wonderful they are at keeping your purse organized.

My daughter was thrilled with this new Moxie Girlz Doll that we received at BowlHer as part of our Swag. They aren’t coming out until September. My daughter had a blast using the markers and painting the motorcycle and I think her shoes? She was showing me her wonderful art work and was so proud.

The kids ended up with so many fun things….book lights from PBS Kids, also a autographed picture from Nina from The Good Night Show on Sprout, a cute pin from Disney  (plus Disney had wonderful Mickey Mouse ice cream bars that saved me on one of my “I missed lunch” days), Disney also showed us a laptop computer made for kids that has a safe internet environment (Hint..hint…I would love to do a review and giveaway of one of those for you Disney!! ) and bears from Build a Bear, a Mr. Potato Head  from Playschool, coloring books and so much more.
Jump Start was there. It was nice to talk to them as I am going to be doing a review and giveaway for them of one of their programs that my triplets are having a great time using.

Nikon put on a wonderful party and I was thrilled to go.
Pepsico also had drinks for us everywhere!
Tropicana had wonderful and cold juice for us to drink that was lower in calories!
This was the Quaker Oatmeal Smoothie bike! (yummy they were good)
So did you know that Pepsico had more than just Pepsi? I didn’t….they have Tropicana, Quaker Oatmeal, Frito-lay, Gatorade Brands. See what you can learn at BlogHer? LOL

Michelin Tires was there with the Michelin Man!

The Swiffer company had a dress up area (as you can see!) at the SocialLuxe party and it was a riot to watch.
Tide gave us a really cool bounce 4 month dryer bars. I haven’t put it in my dryer to try it yet…but can’t wait. I won’t have to have all those used dryer sheets that want to fall out of the dryer onto the floor floating around any more.
They also had Tim Gunn visit their booth. I didn’t have time to get in line to take a picture with him, so I snapped this one on my way through. I think its funny that it looks like the word bubble is coming out of his mouth. Thanks Tide.
There are many more …I mean many more sponsors…and this post would be way too long to list them all. I just want to give them all a very big Thank you!

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