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Review of the Style Essentials Tech L2 Shoe

Adidas shoes

Everyone knows that Adidas makes a great shoe….for sports, exercise and for everyday use. So when Adidas contacted me to ask if I would like to be sent a pair of the Style Essentials Tech L2 shoe for one of my  sons to review…do you think I said no?  Of course not. I was thrilled. I happen to have 3 of my 7 boys in the room when the e-mail came through…LOL  If you can picture me sitting with a laptop computer and a 15, 16 and 21 year old huddled around me drooling.

Adidas Style Essentials Tech L2 Shoe

The consenses was that they all 3 liked the white ones the best from the pictures.  So now the next question was…who gets them? My 21 year old is out since he doesn’t live at home anymore and doesn’t go back to school.  My 15 year old has recently gotten 3 new pair of running shoes for track/cross country…so that leaves the 16 year old to get these shoes. {He was jumping up and down….yes..I mean literally…wish I had my video on when he did his Happy Dance}

Adidas Tech L2  (2)

We got these shoes really quickly. They just launched this Style Essentials Tech L2 shoe at the beginning of August. They thought of comfort, style and of course the Adidas quality to make this Back to School Shoe a hit with teens. Tim opened the box and the first words out of his mouth were a very calm, “Cooool”.  He tried them on and was even more impressed. He said he was surprised they were cut a little lower than he thought they would be (Adidas design was for the low-profile shoe sport look so that the shoes can be worn casually or on the go).  What he was most impressed with was the comfort. He kept saying, “Wow…these are really comfortable. I like them, they feel really good mom.”

Adidas Tech L2

The upper shoe material is a combination of mesh and synthetic materials and there is 3D cushion to provide all the comfy support my son liked.

I have to say that this shoe got the thumbs up from my son.

Available in boy’s/men’s sizes in either the white/silver/black  or the black/blue color. Retail price is $75 and you can find them exclusively at Famous Footwear stores.  (They are so popular that they are temporarily sold out on the web site, but still available in the stores)

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2 Responses to “Adidas Shoes”
  1. Sky says:

    Great looking shoes! I’ll have to check out FF to see if they have them! Thanks!

  2. karenM says:

    If the teens think they are cool! then they gotta be a good shoe. Thanks for the review

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