Toy Sorting and Organizing

September 15, 2009 by  

Toys can become overwhelming. Your kids get them for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and any special occasion. How do you tell Grandma “No more toys?” Plus the fact that we love buying them ourselves and watching our kids open them or be surprised by them right? So does that mean we never get rid of them?
Heck no! Other wise your toy room can also look like this. Toys everywhere and no room for the children.

So what do you do?
You need to sort the toys just like you sort through anything.
Follow your 5 sorting tips:
1) Keep
2) Donate
3) Store
4) Move to another room
5) Throw away

You can choose to do this with your child present or without your child there.  I personally do most of my sorting when my kids are not there.  But I have done it both ways. I do have to say that I have never (honest) had one of my kids come back and miss something I threw away.  They know I cleaned and they are usually so happy with how things look that they aren’t upset at all. 

If there is something really special that your child loves and wants to keep…then you can let them keep it. If your child wants to have one keepsake box (and you have the room to store it) then limit them to that box. Even as they grow…only that one box, so if they fill it with toys this year – then next year when they want to add something special they will need to take out something to make room.

The other big thing with cleaning up and getting rid of extra toys is simple: The kids almost feel like they have new toys. There are toys they haven’t seen in months or forgot about because they were buried at the bottom of a toy box. Now they have new batteries and are on the shelf and all of a sudden it is fun to play with again.

Think about it: Do you appreciate your things when you can get to them…remember where they are and can use them…or would you rather have a whole bunch of “stuff” that isn’t usable because you can’t find it.

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