Car Accident

September 20, 2009 by  

My Son Was In A Car Accident. Thank Goodness He is Alright!

wrecked car

My son John on the left was on his way to meet his brother Drew (right), Tim and myself for lunch yesterday.  Drew was in town from TN and we were going to have lunch together after I got off work.

He was sitting in a line of cars as someone ahead was making a left hand turn and he was plowed into from behind by a big SUV. He had a Honda Civic.  It forced John’s car into the car in front of him.  John’s little car definitely was the loser in this.  It will more than likely be totaled…but that is ok. (And by the way he works at Carmax, so he won’t have too hard of a time looking for a new car. LOL

John is going to be fine. He has whiplash and is going to be checked out this morning by a Doctor.  When he first talked to me on the phone when it first happened he said his neck hurt but he was ok. I knew then…it was only going to get worse…and it did.

It just makes me soooo thankful.  I have to think of all those parents who get that call made by someone other than their child…because their child won’t ever make another call.  So it gives me time to sooo thankful and say a prayer of praise.

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One Response to “Car Accident”
  1. Kristen says:

    So thankful all is alright…and I know you are. Things like that make you so thankful!

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