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Travel Tips For When Mom Has To Travel & Dad Stays Home To Take Care of The Kids

Do you ever feel like you are an octopus and have to have 8 arms to get it all done? Need a few travel tips to help?

We get to have a get away (maybe work…but maybe fun too) and yet we have to make sure everything is in place for our family when we leave.  So we have a lot to do if we want to leave.

That is just the way it is…we are the moms, the coordinators, we run the house, the schedules, the kids, the friends who help…..we do it all (super mommies!!).

When you travel…do not forget:

1) Itinerary of where you are going to be and phone numbers other than you cell (in case your battery goes dead or you lose it)

2) All the phone numbers of anyone involved in helping with your kids to your husband, any friend or family member who is helping. In case there is a hiccup in the plan…so they can work things out.

3) Leave numbers where your husband can find them, for example school, Doctor office, vet.


4) Prepare meals ahead of time (if your husband doesn’t cook)


My kitchen sink when I got home. (But the rest of the house was clean)

5) Leave a clean house if at all possible, so at least it will look good when you leave.

6) Make sure you have everyone’s phone numbers with you and you.

A little effort ahead of time can save many a headache during the time you are gone if things are planned out.

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