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Calendars – Do They Control Our Lives OR Help Us Stay In Control of our Lives?


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I have to admit that I have felt a bit lost since my computer crashed and I lost my Palm Pilot calendar. I did however, (thank goodness) print out my calendar and update my palm pilot before I took my computer into the computer hospital. They supposedly saved all my info, but my palm info seems to be gone.  The connector cord from my palm to my computer has bit the dust too. So I have my print out calendars and I do still have the info on my palm..but I can’t sync it with my computer any longer.

I have been trying to figure out another system that I can have my calendar and contacts on my computer but sync to my new blackberry.  I am trying google but haven’t synced yet…and don’t really like the calendar.  I don’t want to spend money for one…or very little money if its something great.  My husband keeps telling me Outlook, but I look at it and it cost several hundred dollars.

I think my calendar does control my life! It has everything on it.  Because I tend to live by schedules and routines….when those are thrown into chaos I feel like my life is in a bit of chaos. Is that right? Probably not. Should I be flexible and free? Maybe…but then I will miss appointments, not have phone numbers when I need them and with my personality I would only be crabby, not free.

Does your calendar control you? Do you live by it?  What system do you use and do you have any good suggestions for me on a calendar with contacts that can sync from my computer to my blackberry?

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3 Responses to “Calendars”
  1. Juli says:

    Hi Sandy,

    Don’t give up on your Palm…not just yet. Go to Ebay and find a sync cable (you said that yours had bit the dust) that is specifically for your PDA. They are cheap and plentiful! You shouldn’t lose all the info on your Palm just because you have to change computers. If you don’t have the software for your Palm, that is another story and you’ll have to do some digging to find it on the web. Once you load the software and any updates onto your new computer, make sure you tell the sync operation to replace the info on the COMPUTER with the one on your PDA. Believe me, after having 5 PDAs over the years and more laptops than that, I have been through it all! That’s why I now have a Mac Pro and an iPhone. Good luck : D.

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks Juli…I will look. We tried to sync all my info from my palm to my blackberry and it would always stop. That is when the people who were trying to help me at Verizon thought maybe I had something going on with my computer…which opened a pandoras box (although I was having problems with it before any of that…so they were right)
    So maybe now that my computer is fixed…if I do get the cable and can get my calendar restored (I do have the software) then I can sync that with my blackberry and be a happy camper again. Thanks!

  3. I do have a busy schedule. Lots of place to be, my kids schedule, things to remember with work but I carry a clander with me. Teacher style planner that sits on my desk at wok, kitchen counter at home, and in my purse. I don’think it controls me I think my clander helps me stay in control.

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