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Working with Genesis Today – So how does that Help in Organizing?

I have to share some news that I am really excited about!!  I am going to be working with Genesis Today. They have signed on with Collective Bias, whom I am a member of.   Genesis Today has a line of Super Fruit Juices. When John from Collective Bias first asked me about working with Genesis Today I told him I wanted to check it out first. My first impression was not a good one.  I think I was on the wrong site.  They did have the juice on this site, but was completely different than it is now. My first thought was…it seemed like a multi level marketing site.  I told John that too.  I also told him that it did not seem like it would be a fit for my blog as I have an Organizing blog. So how does juice work with organizing?  It certainly didn’t seem to be a fit to me at first. I did research it (because I knew nothing about it)  and found only positive things.  I actually got on the correct site and that made me feel better right away.  I was feeling like it was something that I wanted to try for myself even if I didn’t work with them as a blogger.

Kathy & RW - My sis and her hubby

Kathy & RW - My sis and her hubby

Then yesterday it all seemed to fall into place.  I remembered my sister and brother in law (he is a oral & Maxillofacial surgeon in DC) had told me about some kind of “super juice” they had been taking for several years. I called her and asked her about what juice they used.  She said it is made by Genesis Today and you can only get it at Health Food stores or online. They use one called Acai 100. They only use 1 oz per day (it is not sold at Walmart…at least not yet)  Not knowing why I was asking her about it, she went on to tell me that since they had been using it her husband had not been sick even once. (That was 3 years). She said she completely believes in it.  My sister and brother in law also research everything like that, so for health purposes I felt completely safe for the fact that they used it. (I know that sounds kind of dumb…but if you knew my brother in law like I do….you would understand). I know it helps with healthy living, and I am still researching it on anti-aging properties, but my sister loves to ask people when they see the two of us together who they think the older sister is. She is almost 4 years older than I am, but weighs less (we are the same height), has less wrinkles and yes…looks younger (happy sis? LOL) Ok…so now I am totally getting psyched.  I know I want to try it myself…but now I am does this fit with my Organizing blog?  Well…I can say that you need to be healthy and have energy in order to organize, but that sounds like a “line” (although it is the true).  Truth is…I am a mom, wife, woman…(aging woman..soon to be 50 …aghhhh!!). I am also a nurse. I have several of the issues going on that this super juice is supposed to help. I am going to be coming to you not so much as an Organizer, but as a woman, mom, wife  and nurse.  I would not be working with this brand if I didn’t feel it would be something worth while for my readers and myself. I will be keeping you filled in on all I am going to learn about it. I will be getting to meet Dr. Lindsey Duncan when I go to Blog World Expo next week. I am thrilled that Collective Bias and Genesis Today are sponsoring me in full  for this conference.  (disclosure policy)

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