Tips to Save Time in the Kitchen

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Tips To Prepare Meals Quicker & Easier


freeze onions

I have to admit that I am no diva in the kitchen.  In fact, I really don’t care for cooking.  I have to do it…so I do. If someone told me that I could have a free full time cook …I would jump on that one!

I live for fast and easy ways to make meals.  Since I do not like to cook, I want to get in and out of there fast…not spend all day preparing a meal that is gobbled up in 10 minutes and then I have as much time cleaning the kitchen afterwards. (I know….very poor attitude).  I admire those woman that do cook like that and believe me I wish I was one of them…..but alas, I would much rather spend my time organizing my office than making a meal. (yes…kind of sick isn’t it? )

So to that I say…here are a few tips that I have learned over the years that can make throwing a meal on the table an easier chore.

1) Pre-chop onion and peppers. Do several while you have them out and while you are crying over your onions anyway. Then divide them into 1/2 cup portion sizes and put into small freezer bags. I store those little freezer bags inside one larger one for the onions especially (to help reduce any smell). Then when you go to make a casserole or such you can just grab a baggie out of your freezer and you do not have to take the time (and smell and tears) to chop your onions.

2) When making a meal….double it if it is something that can be frozen.  Make a huge batch of chili at the beginning of the fall.  Then freeze it in individual servings if you want or dinner size portions.

3) Freeze food in freezer bags to save room. Years ago I did the Make 30 meals for the month in one day deal.  The way they suggested storing your food was in freezer bags. You can cool it down a little bit and then put it in a freezer bag (chili, tomato sauces etc…work) and lay them flat to freeze. You can get oodles in your freezer.

4) Think about your dinner that morning. Grab any frozen meat from the freezer and have it thawing during the day so that when dinner comes you don’t have to use the microwave to thaw your meat. (that still takes time)

5) Use your crock pots. I love mine.  Throw everything in first thing in the morning.  Dinner is ready in the evening and your whole house smells good all day long.


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