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October 23, 2009 by  

I love the Card Cubby!! I have been using it close to a year now and think….wow, this is another product that I wish I thought of. (same with the pouchee..wish I came up with that one!)
I use mine for all my “cards”: discount cards, gift cards, library cards, insurance cards and special coupons..either free things or like 20% off Kohls card. I do not use it for all my coupons.
I also have one for business cards. So when I go to conferences I pull the other one out of my purse and throw in my business Card Cubby.
Pair this with the pouchee and you have one very organized purse.
I actually had 2 girls come up to me at the Type A Mom Conference and ask to see in my purse. They wanted to see if I really was organized. I was a little nervous wondering if I was going to pass the test (I am certainly not perfect and I can be known to throw something in my purse in a hurry when stressed!) But I did pass their test..{phew}. It basically looked just like this, except I have the brown croc card cubby now and my fall purse is that cool yellow gold color.

Full disclosure: I am an affiliate for the card cubby and I sell the pouchee (but I wouldn’t do either if I didn’t think these were the coolest purse organizing tools ever…duh!)

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  1. […] sit on top of everything, but it slide right down on the side of the organizer section. I fit my Card Cubby (dark thing to the right of the sunglasses) also fit down in there perfectly!! ┬áBeside the pouchee […]

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