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October 27, 2009 by  

I was reorganizing my own office and was frustrated that I could not move this big massive and very heavy desk myself. I literally could not even budge it. I was about to twitter how frustrated I was when I remembered I had purchased these furniture moving pads last year and had never used them. I ran down to my basement and got them out of my organizing drawer of goodies!
These were the big size (I think I could have used the small ones). I brought them up and the only hard part was getting them under the legs. I actually got under the desk and used my back to lift the desk just enough to slip them under.
I only used 2 on the 2 legs closest to the wall. I got on the other side of the desk and it slid easily!! I was more than excited. I thought I was at a stand still until my hubby got home. But I got it moved and was able to finish the office myself and surprise him.  I actually don’t even remember where I bought them, but you can find basically the same thing at The Container Store.
I am sold!!

Disclosure – I purchased these myself and I have not been asked to do a review or blog post on them, I just wanted to share what I have found with you!

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One Response to “Furniture Moving Pads”
  1. How funny. I love these things, too. Had never heard of them until my husband got some. And I just used ours yesterday to rearrange our living room! Planning to blog about the results, I’ll mention the moving pads too now.

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