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The Dreaded Winter from Summer clothes change out


double closet hanger
I have to admit that getting all the bins of winter clothes out of the basement and doing that seasonal clothing switch is not my idea of fun. But we did it this last weekend and I am glad it is over for the season. Here are some tips to make it go smoother for you.

Summer Clothes coming out of their drawers and closet:

1) Do you think it will fit next year? (all you can do is guess)
2) Did they ever wear it this year? (if they don’t like it, don’t keep it)
3) Is it in good enough shape to keep for next year?
4) Can you pass it down to another child in your family? (if so, keep it)

Items to keep for next year: Put in a clear plastic bin (ideal) and Label it:  with season of clothes and sizes. I suggest keeping boys and girls separate.

For those things that are in good enough shape to pass on, but you can’t use: DONATE IT
Put these things in a white trash bag so you do not mix them up with the black trash bags.

Winter clothes to Go Into their Drawers and Closets:

Bring out each piece and decide:
1) Will it fit them?
2) Do you both of you like it?
3) Is it in good enough shape to be worn again?

If yes for all of these, then put it in their drawers.
If not, don’t feel bad….just decide if its trash or donate.

Tip: Don’t over load their drawers and closets with too many clothes if you have hand me downs. Items will never get worn that are on the bottom or if they don’t like them.  These are things that other children can be wearing. Pass them on.

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