Cocktails with Genesis Today Juice

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Concoct A Cocktail with Genesis Today Juice

Genesis Today is such a fun company. They want to create some excitement about their super juices and we thought it would be great to have some fun with all of you…creating recipes. There are 5 different blogs with contest running, but my contest isn’t just any recipe…..I get the Cocktails!! (yippee)

So get out your blenders, ice, glasses and any combination of party, cocktail or punches made with alcohol that you would like to make up. If you would like to participate but would prefer not to use alcohol in your drinks, at the bottom of the list you will find another contest with non-alcoholic drinks to enter.  Have some fun experimenting on how you can make either Resveratrol, Acai or Goji berry Genesis Today juices into a cocktail that you will be happy to serve at your next evening get together.

Be sure to also check out Genesis of a Great Idea site to enter your social media idea and possibly win $10,000!!  If you are one of the top 5 ideas chosen you will get to travel to Austin, TX and see the headquarters and meet Dr. Lindsay Duncan.  I will also be going to Austin, TX (so I’ll get to meet you too!) The panel will chose between the top 5 ideas and the winner will receive $10,000 and will help to implement their idea. The other 4 people will still win their free trip and $1,000 each.  (The Genesis of a Great Idea contest ends Nov. 15th at MN CT – so enter ASAP!!)

Genesis Today promotes health and wellness with their juices.  They do not promote alcohol consumption as a source of health and wellness. But if you are going to have a cocktail party then using one of the Genesis Today juices as a mixer in your drink is a healthier drink than without it. So we thought we would add this category as something fun and playful.

(Any contest mentioned are closed now)

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