Peter Walsh’s Book Review

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Peter’s Book – ‘It’s All Too Much’

Peter Walsh's Book Cover

Peter Walsh's Book Cover

Is it to anyone’s surprise that I like Peter Walsh?  If you know the TV show on TLC called Clean Sweep or you watch Oprah then you know Peter Walsh.  He came to the NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) conference in 2008 that I attended. He was a dynamite speaker….funny and very informative too. (cue the picture I took there)

At a book signing in 2008

At a book signing in 2008

I have also been involved with him on a couple of webinars with Office Max.  Ok…now on to his book.

It’s All Too Much is very easy reading and very simple. It helps you to cut the clutter and make your life easier. Of course as all of us know…that is much easier said than done.  But Peter has some great ideas and puts things in terms that help erase the guilt of giving up things that are either “keepsakes, expensive or gifts”.  Here is a quote from his book:

“If you’re tempted to keep something because it was expensive, remember the difference between value and cost.  Value is what something is worth. You spent a lot of money on it.  To throw it away would mean admitting that the money was wasted.  Now you need to think about the cost.  What is it costing you to keep this item? How much space?  How much energy?  What about the peace of mind that comes from having a clean home full of things you use?  You once made a decision to purchase this expensive thing that you never use.  Now, if you keep it, you’ll be throwing good space after bad money.”  – from Peter Walsh’s book  It’s All Too Much.

I love this!!  I have clients all the time tell me something is too expensive and they can’t get rid of it.  E-bay is an option and a few have used it, but usually if we dont’ do something with it right then, it will continue to sit and collect more dust.

This is a good read!!  Here is the link on Amazon

Disclosure: I bought and paid for this book with my money and was not asked to write a post nor did I receive any payment for the post or the link.

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