Anissa Mayhew Needs Prayers

November 18, 2009 by  

Anissa Mayhew
One of our own is down….in an ICU bed, after suffering a massive stroke. Anissa Mayhew was chatting on twitter just yesterday early afternoon.
This is her last Twitter quote prior to her stroke “Screw world peace. The world needs more bread bowls full of baked potato soup. The peace will follow.” If you don’t know her, that can give you a taste of her humor.
She has it…great humor and great friends. I mean really great friends. I know her, I have met her and talked to her…but I don’t know her like these other ladies do. The blogosphere is a mess right now…crying for her, praying for her and worrying about her. The hashtag #prayersforanissa is all over twitter, avatars are changing with ribbons for her or pictures with her in them…or picture of her “bewbs” (she is famous for them)
There is something really powerful and special about this lady to affect so many others so dramatically. They have rallied around her praying for her, writing blog post for her, gathering up teams to try and help her husband with their 3 children (one of which just celebrated 1 year remission from leukemia) by offering physical help..for those close and for the others donations of gift cards for restaurants and money to help with bills. Wow…..the stories I am reading about her. She has a huge heart and and is causing many other hearts to break as she while she is on a vent and non responsive after 2 brain bleeds.
Her husband is keeping us updated (thank you) and you can see the latest here.
Please do what you can…prayers are the most important, if you can also do something financially the please do.
Here is her husband’s latest update:
Update from Peter, Anissa’s Husband:

Neurosurgeon just stopped in.

We talked about the second bleed.

I mentioned in the past 30 minutes her movement had picked up:

* she was searching natalie’s hand for a ring we think – she was moving her left leg and arm more deliberately
* she was having some facial expressions So, the doctor rubbed her sternum and said her name loud. She tried to open her eyes! Did it again, and the eyes opened wider.
* She keeps trying to reach the tubes and such.

Very encouraging!


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