Christmas Cards

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Christmas cards

Christmas cards

Can you believe how fast time goes? Christmas is only 25 days away. OMG!! And Chanukah comes up sooner than that..I think it is 11 days away (please forgive me if I got that wrong.)
This is the time to get on top of your planning, so that you don’t get overwhelmed at all this month has to bring.

If you send Christmas cards:
Get your cards purchased.
If you order them with pics like I do…get your picture picked out to use or get the kids together this week and take that picture.
Places like and do them fast and easy. You can also go to CVS or Walmart and order them over the internet and pick them up in the store.
I have also taken my picture (flash drive or camera disc) to Cord Camera or CVS, Walmart and you can make cards while you wait.

Get your address list together if you don’t have it in a file or address book.
Once you have your cards, put together a small bag with your envelops, cards, address book and stamps.
If you have an upcoming Doctors appointment or you are sitting in your car waiting for kids at school or activities…or even if you are sitting watching TV in the evening. You will have your supplies all at hand to get your envelops addressed and cards written.
Many of you have your addresses online and you print out labels (you can still put your labels into your bag and peel and stick while you wait) , but for those of us that do it the old fashion way…this works great.
I personally love getting the Christmas letters from friends. I like seeing what they are up to. Yes, I am a letter giver myself. I know some people hate them, but I don’t like getting a card from someone I hardly see or haven’t seen in years and not getting a picture or note or letter from them.

Disclosure: I am not representing any companies. The links I mentioned are what I have had experience with in the past.

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5 Responses to “Christmas Cards”
  1. Emily says:

    I was just looking thru my stash of “sale” cards last night. I think I picked out cards to send this year. I also bought stamps last week when mailing another package. No chance they’ll “run out” of holiday stamps this year!

  2. Tiffany says:

    One year after my son was born (end of October) I ordered picture cards well actually postcards from usps and they addressed, stamped and mailed all my pics. It was so helpful with a new baby around not to have to deal with any of that other than uploading my address book to them. This was 4 years ago but I bet they still do it, just in case any of your readers are already feeling the crunch.

    As for me I got out the calender and a piece of paper tonight. Everyone has a chance to add to the paper what they want to do this month and I’ll work on the calender and plan it all out tomorrow so we get to do everything and not miss stuff like last year.

  3. Sandy says:

    Great ideas Tiffany. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know that the USPS did that. I’m sure it could really help others out! Also great tip on getting out the family calendar! :)

  4. Donna says:

    I finally got around, this year, to typing up an alphabetical list of mailing labels for my Christmas cards, and keeping them on file in the Word program. I know the postal carriers will be delighted that they don’t have to try to decipher my atrocious handwriting.

  5. Sandy says:

    That’s awesome. I am going to be doing that myself. I am getting a new program soon that I can sync my calendar and contacts from my computer to my new blackberry. I am hoping that once I enter all my addresses that I can print out mailing addresses from that. This year they will be hand written.

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