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Unpacking the Christmas Decorations – Is it Scary?

Christmas decorations disorganized!

Christmas decorations disorganized!

Does your decorations look anything like this?  So many things, just a mess!   It makes you think …..”It is just too much to get out and put away, I don’t really need to decorate.”  Those are the years that you may either have too much clutter, too many commitments going on or you know what a mess it was last year when you put it away and you don’t want to open that box!

Just like you can have too much clutter in the rest of your house – you have have clutter in your decoration supplies too.

Think about it:
Do all your lights work?
Do you use everything that is packed up?
Are there things each year that you don’t really want to put up anymore?
Do you have broken or ragged looking ornaments or decorations that you just can’t throw out?

The solution is simple (but not so easy) You need to sort through and declutter your holiday decorations.
Follow the same steps for any sorting. As you unpack your supplies evaluate (quickly) each item.

1) Keep – You love it, you use and decorate with it, it works and is not broken
2) Donate – It works and looks good, you just don’t like it, or can’t use it now.
3) Pitch – It’s broken or not fit to donate. (recycle if possible)

Remember, if there is something you haven’t used or can’t use….why keep it in a box all the time?  That isn’t honoring the memory. You can take a picture of it to have, then give that space it takes up to one of your other decorations.

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2 Responses to “Christmas decorations”
  1. This is one area where I have no problems with clutter! Sounds amazing maybe, but it’s actually because I just don’t decorate for Christmas. I had too many years of putting the decorations up in December and not bothering to take them down til the summer! So now I don’t do it at all. So, actually no Christmas decoration clutter.

    I’m catching up on my blogroll after a long time. Lovely to see you again!

  2. Sandy says:

    It has been too long for me to visit you also. I am going to come over to your blog to see how you are doing!! Thanks for stopping by!

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