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Make Yourself Cards Like These To Help

It is a New Year, so I am going to start off with some good basics. Some of you have seen these on here before, but it never hurts repeating valuable information.

First off – Don’t try to tackle “my whole house”. Break it down. Think about one “hot spot” that is the first thing you want to take care of.  It may be the kitchen counter, or that table when you walk in the house that everyone dumbs things on.

If you try to do too much in too short of time you will become defeated when you can’t do it and I don’t want you to give up.

Step 1 – Pick Your Zone

Step 2 – Pick Your Time (write it in on your calendar)

Step 3 – Get supplies Ready

*Black trash bags – trash   *White Trash bags – donate   * Clean bins (my favorite), but sturdy boxes will do if you have them

Step 4 – Start the Sort – Take 10 seconds per item (no more…don’t walk down memory lane, just take first thoughts)

A) Keep – You LOVE it and USE it

B) Donate – It would be Usable for someone, but it doesn’t fit or you really don’t like it, or you are not using it.

C) Store – Holiday or speciality items (skiing equip, camping equip) that you use yearly

D) Move – Items that don’t belong in that space or room. They need to be moved to another room if you are keeping them

E) Trash – Recycle if possible.

It isn’t hard once you get started.  The mind set is the biggest obstacle in most cases. Don’t think…”its too much I can’t do it” . Instead think, “Wow…I have a mess, but it will feel GREAT when I get through it.”

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8 Responses to “How To Begin Organizing”
  1. What great tips! :-) I’m going to keep these in mind… I’m so bad at organization.

  2. Jamie says:

    Great tips! I’ve got some organizing projects I’m dying to start and this method will hopefully help out a lot!

  3. Sandy says:

    I’m happy to help. There are lots of other articles further back in my blog that might help you. If you have a specific area, just use the search Lijit button to look for it. Thanks!

  4. Sandy –
    Hello, and “greetings-from-a-guy” who has a serious organizing problem.
    I will follow this post, and see how far I get.

    My own blog is closed at present – for maintenance, updating, etc.
    I am an actor, and I use it as an online resume. But your blog is great.
    I was needing some organizing help, and after praying about it – your blog
    was the first one that came up, so… I’ll let you know how things turn out
    when I am done.

    blessings to you and your husband and family in the new year.


  5. Sandy says:

    Thanks fg. I hope you like it.

  6. Janice says:

    You make it sound so easy. I want to begin organizing my house right away. I have to do this. If I keep putting it off, I may eventually qualify for Hoarders! I get frustrated whenever I start because moving one item creates what seems like an avalanche of obstacles. I want to move my basket supplies from the bed in the spare room to my craft/sewing room. But there is nowhere to put it in my craft room. I need storage and shelves in that room. If I am going to put up shelves, I need to move stuff out so I have room to work. Of course I don’t really have anywhere to move the stuff without it being in the way. While the stuff (Chest, sewing machine, serger, cutting board, ironing board, bookcases, etc) is out of the room I should remove the carpet and replace it with something that straight pins won’t hide in. If I am going to do that, I should also paint the room (it needs it) before I install shelves. Of course, I don’t know what kind of storage I need, so I am at a standstill. All this because I want to move my basket making supplies off the spare room bed. Maybe no family will come to visit overnight and I can just leave everything on the bed! Truth is I just can’t stand the clutter any longer. This sewing/craft room is the one I most need to organize. The stuff cluttering all my other rooms belong in this one room. I must get started. Your steps are good and I am sure once I start they will be very useful. I know I will donate an dispose of a lot, but I must have somewhere to put what I keep. How do I determine the type of storage I need for my craft/sewing room.

  7. Sandy says:

    Yes… that is hard to determine what you need. But before you know what you’ll need you need to sort out and get rid of a lot. You have to visualize the room you want. Then when you are going through your things, you need to decide if there is room in your vision for that item. If it is something you have had for years and think, “someday I’ll get to it”… chances are you never will.
    It sounds like you need to clear out a lot of things in order to have the space you’d like to have. It is hard to do… but once you get into the mind set that you can live without everything in your home and that being “uncluttered” is more important than the “stuff”…. it will flow.
    Best to you!


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