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If You Don’t Want To Have Dryer Sheets All Over The Place You’ll Love These!



This is something really cool if you have not seen it yet.  I received a Bounce Dryer Bar when I was at BlogHer. It is this bar that you stick inside your dryer. It works for 2-4 months! You don’t have to use dryer sheets anymore. I know it isn’t a really big deal, but finding those dryer sheets stuck to clothes, they end up falling out of the trashcan in the laundry room and you find them all over.
I put this first one in my dryer in August. It came unstuck once and I put it back on. But it came off again a few days later and some little pieces broke off it. It had only been on about 4 1/2 weeks. I contacted them and they sent me replacements!
I have had the 2nd one on since October 9, 2009. So it has been almost 3 months now. It is still doing great, still looks like there is plenty more on there and has not fallen off at all. Time will vary of course according to how much laundry you do. But hello….there are 7 of us that I do laundry for, so do you think I have that dryer on daily? You better believe it!

Just peel off the adhesive on the back and place it on a flat clean surface inside your dryer

Just peel off the adhesive on the back and place it on a flat clean surface inside your dryer

I would say the only negative I have is that in the winter when it is so dry on some items (not all, just some sweaters, and sheets) there has been a little static. Not enough that I feel like I need to put in an additional dryer sheet…but enough to say it doesn’t completely get rid of all static. I didn’t notice it at all before December.
Consider this. Price is around $6-7 for one. Seems like a lot, but when you look at the price of dryer sheets for 4 months…you are saving money too!
But guess what…I am SOLD! I will be using these far past when the ones they gave me are gone.

Update 4/5/12 – I am still using these and still love them! The one I have in there now has lasted me at least 6 months. awesome!

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