Magnetic Paint Review

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Magnetic Paint

Magnetic Paint

I want to talk about this great idea for magnetic paint. I love the idea and think it can have so many uses.  We bought a can of it (quart) to use in the remodeling of my son’s basement bedroom.  Then I talked to a company and they offered to send me some to do a review on, which he did.  He told me to make sure I followed the directions carefully because that can make a big difference in the results you get.

My Thoughts on the Magnetic Paint

My son measured out the area that would allow for the 2 quarts of magnetic paint that we had.  I told him to read and carefully follow the directions.  He did and used several coats of the paint. He did use ALL of the paint which I was told was important and if you did not you might not have good “stickability”.  I was also informed that a special magnet called NEODYMIUM magnets were the best to use. I did not buy them, so that might be why I had problems.

It looks great!  He is thrilled with it.  But here are the issues.  The magnetic properties are VERY weak.  The picture of the hand kept sliding down.  I do plan to get some  of the magnets though and if that is the case and they stick good….this is FANTASTIC.  If not…then I would recommend that each thing that goes up has several magnetics to hold it. The magnets that you should use for it are called Neodymium magnets.

If you Plan to Use Magnetic Paint Remember:

1) Follow directions carefully and measure size of space. 25 sq ft per quart.  Use ALL of the paint in the can.

2) Buy the proper magnets.  Neodymium magnets

Peel and Stick Chalk Board.

Peel and Stick Chalk Board, Magnetic Board /Dry Erase Board

Peel and Stick Chalk Board, Magnetic Board /Dry Erase Board

I also reviewed this 4×4 foot piece of peel and stick Chalk board.  I was pleased with it.  It went up like wall paper. Try to smooth it out so that you don’t get air bubbles underneath. That was good.  The magnetic power was like that of the magnetic paint. If I used several magnets I could get a piece of paper to stay. If I used one…it was not strong enough. My guess is that the Neodymium magnets would work for this too.

It worked fine as a chalk board, and cleaned up better (as most chalk boards do) with a damp towel.

They also have dry erase peel and stick. Tip: Don’t try dry erase marker on your chalk board….it doesn’t wipe off. Don’t ask me how I know…oops!

This review has taken me several months to get up.  I have e-mailed my source several times stating I was finally getting the review up but did not hear back. So I am not going to have a giveaway with it because I can’t be sure he will respond.

Disclosure: I did purchase 1 quart of magnetic paint myself. I did also receive 1 quart and also the peel and stick chalk board to review.

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