Surface Abuser

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You May be a Surface Abuser if:

Does your counter look like this?

Does your counter look like this?

1) You think if there is an empty spot on a counter in the kitchen…then you have “more room to put things”

2) You think table tops and counters look “naked” if there is nothing on them.

3) You haven’t been able to wipe down your counter for weeks because of all of the “stuff”

4) You found a dead fish from 6 months ago under some papers on the counter. You thought the other fish ate it. (true story but not this pic)

5) You don’t have to worry about dust on your living room end tables because there is no wood showing.

6) You find expired coupons sitting on counter tops.

7) You know exactly where that lid to the super glue is…and no one better move it out from under the newspaper from 6 weeks ago.

8) You may have left an egg on the counter in the kitchen….but your not sure, it blends in with all the papers so well.

9) You have to clear the papers at the table in order to have room to eat dinner at night. Then you move them back after dinner

10) Other people call you messy, but you feel proud to have been given the title “Surface Abuser” instead. Nikki from The Guilty Parent was my inspiration for #10! Although she is also very visual (which many surface abusers are…so I called her a “Visual Surface Abuser”.

If you were able to answer “yes” to 1 or more of these questions /statements…then you are probably a Surface Abuser. ┬áThere is help for you out there….stay tuned for treatment plans.

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7 Responses to “Surface Abuser”
  1. Nikki says:

    I think you took a picture of my kitchen counter, or my dining room table… OR my computer table. It’s the same look in just about all three rooms! I loved your “surface abuser” label of me at Blissdom by the way… Still trying to figure out how to write that post!

  2. Hi Sandy,
    My name is Katie (aka Domestic Debacle) and I am surface abuser.
    ::hanging head in shame::

  3. Shannon says:

    Oh that makes me laugh! I am SO a surface abuser! Haha!! Now I need to get some surface help…..

    *looking up surface abuse therapist in yellow pages*

  4. karen M says:

    I am guilty!! I need help and guidance! :)

  5. Sandy says:

    LOL We can all be guilty!


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