The 12 Step Program for the Surface Abuser

March 2, 2010 by  

The 12 Step Program for the Surface Abuser.

I love this desk, family work center. But what a desk CAN look like

I love this desk, family work center. But what a desk CAN look like

1) Admit that you have a problem.

2) Ask for help with your Surface Abuse problem. (Professional organizers are everywhere!)

3) Remove ALL surfaces in your home.  (Only kidding!)

4) Realize that this will take on going maintenance to maintain.

5) Visualize what you would LIKE this space to look like.

6) Start the process with one surface.

7) Get a black trash bag for trash and a White trash bag for donate.

8) Begin the Sorting process. Clear everything off your counter and clean it first.

9) Realize that clearing your counter will lead to some organizing in other areas of your house. (this is a Good thing)

10) Decide what to do with all the papers and clutter.

11) Plan daily to clear  off anything that might have accumulated in this “hot spot” zone and place it in the folders or cubbies you created.

12) Be sure to take before and after pictures so help remind yourself how you want to keep your new clear counter.

Disclosure: The above picture is not from my home (I WISH!) It was from a Parade of Homes model that boasted like the best family organizing center ever!!  But you can find these products at The Pottery Barn.

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7 Responses to “The 12 Step Program for the Surface Abuser”
  1. Nikki says:

    Gah! I am having a panic attack just looking at the clean space! I was going to ask how to handle the papers and stuff (since that’s my biggest problem with abuse) but you covered it!

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks! No panic attack….baby steps.

  3. AnneMarieZ says:

    I want this peace of mind!!!
    I sent this to my husband.. hopefully he will see how great this is!!! I LOVE IT!

  4. AnneMarieZ says:

    Sandy, did you get this at the Container Store.. where can I get this to become more organized- I have a wall in my laundry room begging for this!

  5. Sandy says:

    This is a picture from a Parade of Homes model home family work station. I would DIE to have this in my home!! I think most of it came from The Pottery Barn. Let me do some looking and I will post a link to it in my post when I find it. THanks

  6. Cool ideas! Then what do you do when papers, etc are hanging out of the cubbies? That’s me.

  7. Sandy says:

    You decide if you really need those papers. If you do then they need to be filed in a place they won’t be lost. If the cubby is the place they belong, then just straighten them up.

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