Spring Cleaning – The Garage

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Spring Cleaning – The Garage

Spring is in the air and dirt is in your garage. I think garages tend to get very messy in the winter time at least in the cold weather states because it is too darn cold to stay out there and clean them!! So what happens, things get taken out of the cars and dumped, shovels are out, rock salt out, things just left on shelves and not put away. Tools left just set by the door and not put away on the workbench. But boy does it feel good to clean out that garage in the spring.

Steps to Clean and Organize your Garage:

1) Get your black (trash) and white (donate) trash bags. Most of your cleaning supplies are probably already in the garage.

2) Pick a nice sunny day and open your garage. You will need to clear everything out. If you have just too much to handle in one day, then work on one side of your garage at a time.

3) Once you have things out, start with cleaning the floor. Sweep out the dirt and dust. If you are able, hose down the floor or use a wet broom to clean it off.

4) Sort your things. If you haven’t used it in years, then donate it. If those roller blades don’t fit, donate them. If that bike that is hanging is from the 1980’s and hasn’t been riden, donate it.

5) Now that you have decided what you are going to keep, you need a system. Peg boards work great in garages. You need to think “up”. Use your wall space, use your ceiling and or rafters. Get shelves and clear plastic bins (like in picture) and sort through your things. Be sure to label your bins!

6) Hang up those roller blades and store all those balls and bats.

7) Find a place for each thing you plan to keep. If you can’t find a place then you have to evaluate if you really need it. If that has to stay..then maybe something else needs to go. Visualize what you want in your garage your garage to look like, and you can make it happen.

You will feel much better each time you pull into your garage. You also won’t be embarrassed when your garage door is open and the neighbors can see in.

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3 Responses to “Spring Cleaning – The Garage”
  1. Ok Rubbermaid needs to hire you to come organize my garage LOL

  2. Sandy says:

    I think they should!! Why don’t you suggest it? LOL

  3. INGAAS : says:

    cleaning supplies should be environment friendly too, choose cleaning supplies which does not harm the environment;-.

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