Droid Eris Review

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Droid Smartphone

Droid Eris

Droid Eris

The Droid Eris by Verizon is an HTC phone on the Android network.  I wanted to review the Droid Eris because I loved the Droid other than the weight and the keyboard. So what makes better sense then to try the Eris?  No pullout keyboard to mess with, so of course then it makes it lighter.

Just a few of the thousands of Apps

Just a few of the thousands of Apps

I loved many things about the Droid Eris.  There were so many free apps to download. That is a game all in itself, just going through and downloading apps and then seeing what all they did.

Here were a few of my favorites

Google Sky MapThis is Google Sky Map (the Droid had it too). You just hold the phone up to the sky (or really anywhere) and it will show you the constellations and planets that are in the view of where you are pointing. So cool.

Droid ErisThis is the Coin Flip. It shows what appears to look just like a real quarter and then you flip the jerk the phone and it flips the coin.



The compass. Now this is really cool.  I think if you were out hiking or such it could really come in handy.

Droid ErisThis is a coupon app. I looked for a Kohl’s coupon and got this. I did not take it in to see if they could actually scan the code, but from my understanding it will work.  Loved that!

The things that I am still not thrilled about. I couldn’t get the Google Navigation.  The Droid had it and I loved it. But the Eris doesn’t have it yet, it might when they upgrade, so it is still a possbility.  Also with the Android you have to use either gmail to get your mail or have the yahoo plus that you have to pay for.  So I couldn’t check my e-mail on it.

The on touch screen keyboard was fine. I perferred it on the horizontal so I had a little more room for my fingers. I didn’t have as many spelling errors because of the keyboard.

Great phone and great price!

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