FURminator Dog Brush Review

April 8, 2010 by  

I Have A Dog With Lots of Fur To Review The FURminator!

I recieved this FURminator deluxe deShedding tool free of charge to do a review on. She sent me the large size since my “shedding dog” Sadie is about 55 pounds.

I had actually purchased a small FURminator (classic) a few years ago and wasn’t all that happy with it. I didn’t feel that it got as much fur out as my favorite “horse loop brush” that I currently used.

So I did have my reservations about what it could really do. If it wasn’t any better than the other one I tried….I was going to have to give it a “not as good as my other brush” reviews.

But guess what? It must have been the size (size does matter here!). This one got out a huge amount of fur just on the first pass. Sadie sheds like crazy, so I know there are tons always there. I made a pile (you will see on the video just 2 passes of the brush) and got so much out of her.
I then tested against my brush that I love. Since it was raining outside I couldn’t fully brush her with it, because it HAS to be used outside. It doesn’t gather up the fur, it just pulls it out (and makes it staticy) and it gets all over. But I also notice that it did not get out nearly as much fur on the few passes I did make with it in the house. (pics on video)
It is solid and seems very well made. It is not the least bit flimsy and doesn’t feel loose or cheap.

I have to admit that I am a convert. (No…I am not just saying this because I am reviewing it and they gave me one…I REALLY like it) I think what I like best is that when you get this big bunch of fur in the brush…you can just press down on the FURejector at the top and it just floats off.

To Purchase Your Own:

Go to the FURminator.com site and look for a store or web site you can purchase them at.

Disclosure policy - I was given a FURminator deluxe deShedding tool free of charge. These opinions are my own.
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