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Pet Bloggers Conference

Blogpaws Pink Catillac

Blogpaws Pink Catillac

Blogpaws – A conference for Pet Bloggers or Mom bloggers that love their pets.

This was the first Blogpaws conference ever and I got to go. It took place in Columbus Ohio (yeah…hometown!). I was given a ticket by Superdumb SuperVillan (Thank you!) when she wasn’t able to make it. Kim from Crafty Mama of 4 came into town and stayed with me.

This was certainly a different blog conference than I have ever been to. I am used to hearing babies cry or toddlers running, but never have I heard a dog barking while a session was going on. Yes…the little dog kept barking at the Great Dane (who was a giant baby). Oh, by the way this stroller had 2 funky (I think hairless, but honestly don’t know the real name for them…spinx maybe?) cats in it.  So funny. I hate that this picture was blurry. Because this blinged out “Cat-illac” stroller was a hoot!

There was Doggy playground (yes…like a baby daycare for dogs) that owners could use if they didn’t want to take their dogs into the sessions. I think the equiette was to take your dog out of the session if he/she barked or misbehaved. Surprisingly enough the dogs were very well behaved.

Majority of the bloggers were pet bloggers of course, I don’t think there were too many other “Mommy bloggers” – but we had a great time.

I will have some pet products that I am going to do and think that I will have Sadie and Gizzy (my dogs) do those reviews.

Sadie & Gizzy Reviews

Sadie & Gizzy Reviews

I have even thought that maybe I will do a bi-weekly post from one of the local pet shelters of a dog that needs to be adopted. I am not going to have a blog or twitter site for Sadie and Gizzy…but thought it would only make sense if their names (and probably videos) were on the product reviews.

What do you think? Like it?  Dumb?  Give me some feedback please.

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