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Photography Makes A Big Difference For Bloggers

My Camera

My Camera


I got this camera several years ago. By todays digital standards it is outdated.  I was loving taking pictures and wanted to make a business of it. I took a photography lighting class and guess what….got scared off.  I thought I could never do all that this guy was doing and that my pictures would never be what they needed to be to make a business.  What if I messed up someone’s wedding with my pictures?

I still enjoyed taking my own pictures, but then the camera got to the point it was so heavy to lug around.  I got busy with my organizing business…and it was much easier to take a small point and shoot camera into a clients home for pictures.  Then having it with me in my purse was great! Loved it..and still do.

But…I am getting the bug again to take some “good” pictures.

My friend Kim from Crafty Mama of 4 (it’s her birthday today by the way) has really gotten into taking pictures.  She was here for the weekend when we went to the Blogpaws conference.  We were driving home and she made me asked me to stop so she could take a picture of a sunset in the country.  It made me remember how I used to be.  Looking at everything through the lens of a camera.  Wanting to take pictures of everything and looking at the lighting on objects rather than the objects themselves.

So while she was here I went and got this camera out. I charged the battery, but then got an error message.  I took it into a Cord camera store and the guy looked at the Compact Flash card and said, “Yes…I thought that was the problem, you have a bent prong down in the camera, that will be $225 to fix.”

“What?  $225 just to straighten that tiny metal prong way down in there?  Couldn’t I just take a toothpick and straighten it myself?”  With that statement he picked up the camera and took out the battery. He said that if someone would decide to try and do that and the battery was in…if 2 of the prongs touched each other it would short out the camera.

I took my camera and left…pretty bummed. Not sure if I should spend the money and have my camera back….still wondering if I would decide the same thing that it was just too bulky to really use very much.

But….guess what…I took a toothpick.. ..and of course my big magnified light (with reading glasses it was still hard to see) and bent the prong back. Before I started it did look like it was touching the prong next to it.  So I might be to late…it might already be shorted out since the battery had been in it while it was like that.

He told me that when it was fixed I would have to buy a new CF card because if I used the same one it would mess up the prongs again since those holes were now messed up.  I went to Walmart last night and picked one up…..brought it home….put it in very carefully and it fit. Now to see if it works.

It did!!  Yeah….my camera seems fine.  I’m excited. So for the cost of the CF card ($24.99) I had my camera back.

Now I just have to learn to use this flash that I bought. I got it right after the lighting class (cause I thought I would need it since they all had them) and never figured out how to use it.  So I need to either learn to use it or sell it.

Canon Flash Attachment

Canon Flash Attachment

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