Organizing Closets (Part 2)

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Finding additional Room in That Closet

Now that your closet is empty, I am sure it looks something like this. (Note vacuumed carpet!)  Actually this is a really good time to really clean it up. So it really could look like this soon.

The next step is creating more room in your closet if at all possible.  You might have a lot of wire racks or wooden ones in your closet already (lucky). But that doesn’t mean that they are being functional for you.

Create More space

1) You can call in a professional company to completely build you new “inners” for your closet. That would be a dream for me to have one of those companies come and do a closet for me.  But, for most of us the cost is too much to have that luxury.

2) You can install your own system.  The Container Store has some great closet organization systems.  Just be sure you have the know how when it comes to precess measuring and installing.  There are some professional organiziners that will install this kind of system for you (not I, says the “Not a Closet installer” organizer Sandy).  The stores also have installers that can do them. This would still be less than a closet company.

3) You can install just a few wire racks, or some simple solutions that are low cost  and it can still make a world of difference.

A 2nd shelf was added for extra storage

A 2nd shelf was added for extra storage

Here is an example of adding an additional wire shelf. So often the wire racks in the closet have the one shelf and then you have all this wasted space until you hit the ceiling.  Use that space.

Extra shelves in a closet

Extra shelves in a closet

Here is another example of addional shelves being used in a closet.  This person did not have a linen closet, so adding these shelves in their closet worked great for their towels and also some extra clothing.

Buy a closet hanger doubler

Buy a closet hanger doubler

Double your space by buying one of these hangers.  It is an extra rod that hooks onto the exsisting rod. It works great in a childs closet so they can reach their clothes. It also adds double the hanging space. Works for blouses and pants.

If your top wire rack is too low to make this work, maybe just moving that wire rack up higher would allow for addional space underneather rather than above.

Think outside the box to make some extra room in your closet

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4 Responses to “Organizing Closets (Part 2)”
  1. pammy pam says:

    ooh hey a woman after my own heart! my closet is small so i rotate my clothes every season and i’m ALWAYS looking for ways to organize and improve (plus it makes room for more new clothes)!!

  2. I had wire shelving in my previous kitchen area and utterly hated them! Anything that was not wide enough to simply span 3 wires had a tendency to tumble over if not centered correctly. And, whenever something did drip, it went entirely to the floor…making everything beneath it dirty and sticky on the way down! Once we created our flood pantry in the basement, we put in wood shelving…I Love them and, when we get to it, our new corner kitchen will probably also have wood shelves.

  3. Sandy says:

    Oh I like wood shelves so much better. But I have added the wire ones mainly b/c they are cheaper and easier to install.

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