Organizing Closets (Part 3)

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Reloading Your Closet

Now that you have everything out of your closet and you have some extra shelves or space in your closet….how do you “reload” your closet?

If you have sorted the clothes down to the ones that you really do wear, you should have less clothes to put back in than when you started.

There are a few tips that you can try if you would like when you put your clothes back in….just to see if you REALLY wear them.

1) Turn your hangers backwards when you hang up your clothes. So that you have to reach under and hook.  When you wear it, turn the hanger correctly. After 6 months or a season, any clothes are still flipped backwards – you haven’t worn that item. Donate it.

2) Put a hanging mesh bag in your closet (or child’s closet).  Any clothes that you don’t want to wear, or have a stain or tear and you aren’t wearing – put into the mesh bag. Each month or two, empty that and sort into donate or throw away.

Bins and Baskets and Hangers

I suggest plastic or wooden hangers for your clothes.  I used to think it was just silly and that the wire ones were just fine. But as I started using the plastic ones I noticed my clothes hung nicer on them and had less “hanger marks”.

You can also Color Code with your hangers if you use plastic.

1) Advantages – you can see who’s clothes are who’s at a glance. It makes taking them up and putting them in closets easy.

2) Disadvantage – Making sure you have enough of the right color for that person. When you run out, going to the closets and gathering them up.  Or when you go to buy more (as in my case) of a fun color like bright green or hot pink – they do not have those colors anymore.

I have used shades.  I use the bright green, orange and pinks.   Hubby uses black or brown. Kids use white, blue and purples.  So it is still general, but not as specific…so it simplies but still gets the same point across.

There are also many different hangers that help you add space to your closet.

Bins, Baskets and Dividers

There are many different closet organizers on the market.  You can pick up inexpensive baskets or bins at your dollar store or discount store. Be sure that they are ones that you can either see down into when you place them, or you can see through.  You do not want to have a bunch of pretty baskets or bins that you have no idea what is lurking in them.

You can find Wire Shelf Dividers in several places that can help you divide jeans, sweaters or towels.

When placing jeans, sweaters or towels on your shelves. Be sure to put the fold side out. It will just look neater and be easier to grab if you have the fold and not the open side facing out. (does that make sense?)

Make a place for each item. If you find you do not have room for it all – then back to some more donating. If you put too much in, you will not have a place for everything and then you will have a mess again soon.

Remember that when you bring in a new item – donate an item.

Disclosure: The links in this post are NOT affiliate links. I just wanted to give you some help where to find things or to show you what I was talking about.

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2 Responses to “Organizing Closets (Part 3)”
  1. Felicia says:

    Thank you so much for this series! With baby #2 on the way we are really trying to squeeze a lot of things into a small space.

  2. Sandy says:

    Congrats on Baby #2!! Glad you liked the series, hope it gives you some ideas that will help.

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