NAPO 2010 Expo

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NAPO 2010

I had to make a hard call this year. The NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) convention was in Columbus OH! That is my home town. So I had to go. But it is certainly not an inexpensive conference, and unlike my blogging conferences, there was not going to be a sponsor for it.  Because I was at home, I decided to get a Market place table in the expo hall and sell the pouchees and Card Cubbys.

I had a great time and although I missed some wonderful speakers, I did get to make some new friends and see some old friends.

Here are the names and links to those who were in my video:

Linda Easton from Extraordinary Organizing

Linda had a table just 2 away from me. She began her Home Show Organizing business a couple years ago, but because she had to care for a sick husband, it took a little longer to get going than she hoped. But it is off the ground now and going to fly high! She is super friendly and would be great to work for! Get in the the ground floor if you have any desire to build a business

Angela Ploetz from a red bench

Angela had a table right next to me.  She was a speaker at the conference too.  I didn’t realize that I had seen Angela at the 2008 NAPO conference while I was waiting to take a picture with Hellen Buttigieg. I took the picture of them in the slide show.  Just happened to see this as I was going through the pictures and realized it was Angela! Funny huh?

Hellen Buttigieg from We Organize U

I loved watching Hellen’s TV show, Neat when it was on. She was at the NAPO 2008 conference that I was at.  She came up to my table at this expo and I didn’t realize who she was at first. But I felt like she looked familiar. I realized it before she walked away and asked what she was doing now. She is speaking at events and running her business.

Olga Lucia Cobo de Morales – Oargniazr es organizar

Olga and her mother stopped by my table and loved the pouchees. They were so cute. Speaking in Spanish to each other (thank goodness not to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have understood much of anything.) They came all the way from Bogota – Columbia. She posed for me with the pouchee showing how much she loved it! So cute!!!

Heather Lovold – Card Memories

Heather and I kind of knew each other.  I did a review and giveaway of her invention – The Greeting Card Keeper last year. So it was really fun to get to meet her in real life. She was so excited to be a part of the expo at NAPO. I told her this was exactly where she should be because Organizers NEED her products for their clients. Then she was so sweet to give me one of her card albums before she left.

Tanna Clark – Complete Organizing Solutions

Tanna is one of my blogging buddies!!!  It was so fun to see her at the NAPO conference. We are both Professional Organizers and have blogs about organizing. We met for the first time at Blissdom 2009 (I think) because we were both organizers.  While at blogging conferences all those people are into the social media like we are. At NAPO there are some of the Organizers who participate in social media…but not many. So it was like “home” to see Tanna. I wish we would have had more time to visit.  But we’ll see each other again soon at the next Blogging conference.

Marcy Melton – Bullseye Organizing Solutions and Debbie Gilster – Center for Growth and Productivity

Debbie stopped by my table and then brough Marcy back to show her the Card Cubbys and pouchees.  I took this picture as they were looking at the Card Cubbys.

Jim Deitzel and Erin – Rubbermaid

Jim is @Rubbermaid and Erin is @RubbermaidErin on Twitter.  I never did meet Lauren who is @Rubbermaid2 . They are so nice and responsive on Twitter. I have to admit they have increased my awareness of Rubbermaid in regards to organizing for me.  I am sure they have for many other organizers also. When they were closing up their display they told me I could help myself to what ever I wanted from a pile of things they were giving away.  I picked up some drawer tray organizers!  I did a review on these and liked them….so was thrilled.

Kathy Jenkins – Organized A to Z

I have been working with Kathy for over a year. I have the pouchees I sell in her online store. I will soon have the card cubbys also.  She has been great to work with and has a very successful online organizing store.  It was fun to meet her in real life too!

Monica Ricci – Your Life. Organized

Monica is one of those Professional Organiers that is up on the top of the Professional Organizers scale. She has been on TV and is a sought after speaker. I remember seeing her in the lobby of the Reno hotel at the 2008 NAPO conference and got the nerve up to say hi. She stopped and talked to me for a minute and was telling me how important it is to come to conference. I was thrilled that she talked to me.   We talk now on Twitter @MonicaRicci and Facebook.  So when we saw each other at this conference she came around the table to give me a hug.  You feel like you know people better when you have talked to them online.  We help each other by tweeting out our blogs on twitter and facebook. It’s all about networking and working together to help each other grow. It was great to see her after talking online.

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6 Responses to “NAPO 2010 Expo”
  1. Sandy,
    LOVE the You Tube video! Great job. You are an amazing woman! It was an honor to spend time with you. looking forward to your upcoming interviews and adventures!
    Angela Ploetz

  2. It was great to see you at conference too Sandy. In my opinion,it was one of the best ones! Hope you enjoyed yourself.Let’s stay connected through Twitter. You can find me at @hellenbuttigieg. All the best…till next time.


  3. Sandy says:

    Thanks Hellen, I’m following you.

  4. Hi Sandy,

    It was fun to meet you in person. I enjoyed the conference, and I’m glad others did too!

  5. Sandy – I had more fun running around telling people about the business card holder. I just got home from traveling after conference and am looking forward to filling it up. I know it will take away several other little holders I have for gift cards and seldom used (but needed) other id cards. Best of luck in your ventures. Hope to see you next year in San Diego!

  6. Sandy says:

    Awesome! Thanks..I love mine that’s for sure. So it’s easy to tell people about them.

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