Tips from Peter Walsh (part 3)

May 3, 2010 by  

Peter Walsh Shares His Knowledge


More tips from Peter?  Here a a couple of thoughts directly from Peter Walsh. These were given to me from Office Max to use if I chose to.  I did decide to pass on this info..because I figured you would enjoy learning from him as much as I do.

Filing: Use a vertical file organizer for “active” files. Reserve your desk inbox for items that need to be dealt with pronto. Name your file folders with nouns. Use the ones that first pop into your mind when you need the material. Banish the concept of a miscellaneous file from your life. If something is worth putting in a file folder, it’s worth putting in a folder than has a specific label. (Peter Walsh)

My question for Peter on the video I did with him was about filing.  Paper work seems to be one of the biggest stumbling blocks for most clients.  How to make a file system work for you. So it is something that you will use.  A perfect system set up but unused is of no good to anyone.  Filing like anything needs to be maintained.

Binders: For travel, business and leisure create a different binder devoted to your important documents. For example, when creating a travel binder, include pocketed folders to store airline tickets and receipts, a contact section storing important phone numbers, and a location portion highlighting hot spots and destination details.

I love using binders.  I have one (color coded mind you) for different projects I am working on.  Depending on how big the project is, I can use just a folder with pockets too.  But bigger projects and for my different clients I do use binders and keep them in different colors for visiual quick identification.

Disclosure:  I was not paid to do this post. It was my decision and the information from Peter was given to me. The orange comments are my own.

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