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Sadie & Gizzy Dog Review – purrfectpet Wool Ball

I decided that the only one who could really do a fair review of this wool ball dog toy were my dogs! So I will start having Sadie and Gizzy decide. We will measure how much the dogs and myself like the dog toy. Their decision will be made by how much they like and use the product. My decision will be based on durability, cost, longevity and how much my dogs like it. Enjoy! (There is music on the video..just a warning depending on where you are watching it from.)

I went to the BlogPaws Convention in Columbus Ohio in April. It was the first one and it was very different. There were dogs with T-shirts and cats in strollers. One of the vendors there was purrfectplay.com. She had a really nice looking display with blankets, dog balls and pull toys made from organic material.

To be honest I really had no real interest. I am not real big on the organic kick and really saw no need to buy organic for my pets. But I did go over to see her items. She started telling me about this wool ball. It looked neat…but really? Wool for a dog ball? I think I told her my dogs would have it torn up in a minute. But she then told me that I was mistaken. She explained how the whole thing is made out of wool…all done very tightly and in very many layers.

She had told me I could throw it in the washer and make it new again. I did. I used the cloth bag it came in and threw it in the washer. Then when it came out I kind of squeezed and rolled it a little …then put it back in the bag and threw it in the dryer for 5 minutes. It did help to revive it.

This is the “Before” washing picture

Going into the washer "Before"

This is the “After” Picture fresh from the Dryer

Yep….it looks better doesn’t it?

No lie…my dogs LOVE this ball! It has held up like no other tennis ball they have ever had. They have one of those apart in one day. It might seem expensive to pay $12.95 (jumbo size) for a dog ball….but it last. She gave me one to review (at no cost) while I was at the convention. You can see on the video how my dogs reacted to it as soon as they saw it. She made a convert out of me. Not for the organic part of it necessarily…but for the longevity and durability of it.

To Purchase Your Own:

Go to purrfectplay.com and purchase your own. You can also see all the different items they have.


Update: My dogs STILL have this wool ball, still play with it and still love it! Unbelievable! I would recommend this toy to anyone!

Another update 9/19/2012 – My dogs have had this ball now for almost 2 1/2 years and it is still their favorite toy and they STILL LOVE IT!!!  Best dog toy ever!!


I was given this wool dog ball to review in April of 2010. The  opinion, pictures and video are my own. The purrfect play have permission to use my video on their web site.

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