Summer Vacation – Organizing the Car

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Keeping your Car Organized when traveling

Keeping things from turning into “car gone wild” while traveling helps to keep everything a little calmer. Remember the “Clutter in your Home = Clutter in your Head?” We can change that to “Clutter in your Car = Craziness trapped in a moving vehicle with kids while traveling!”

Here is one car organizer that you can find online.   It would fit neatly inbetween 2 kids in the back seat. Looks like it might be better for the older kids who might not have as much “stuff” as some of the younger ones.

Here is another version of a car organizer that would be great for younger kids.  It is bigger and allows for a surface to draw on or play some games. It also has pockets all the way around but has an inside storage area too.

This is a car organizer that attaches to the headrests. I think it could still work on the front seats if you didn’t have a bench seat…for a trip.  I do like the idea and looks like it holds more than many of the normal ones you see that hang off the headrest.

The last car organizer is one that goes over the headrest.  This is one that I actually bought myself.  I like it especially if I am alone in the car. When I drive on long trips it is great. I can put extra drinks up there and maps etc.  When I am not alone I simply swing it around to the back seat.

There are many different styles and prices of car organizers on the market. These all happen to be from Online Organizing.

So on your next trip….find a way to organize your things and your kids things (might be a backpack or bag from a convention. You don’t have to go out an purchase something new.  Heck…a cardboard box can work great. Use a shoe box inside or cereal box for magazines etc.  Be creative!

Disclosure: I think I do have an affiliate link for online organizing but  I did not use any kind of affiliate links on this blog post. I purchased the bottom swing away car organizer myself. It was not given to me. No one from Online Organizing or any of the car organizers asked me to do this. I just wanted you to see the different options that were out there.

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5 Responses to “Summer Vacation – Organizing the Car”
  1. Sondra says:

    I use a Longaberger basket in my car! It works GREAT.
    It holds CD’s, my phone charger, hand sanitizer,tissues, a sm yellow pages, my couponizer, pen/paper & more! I also bought those hooks that go on your headrests for my cloth store bags, I use one of them to hold my purse so it doesn’t dump onto the floorboards. :)

  2. Sandy says:

    sounds great…also stylish!

  3. G Mom says:

    Love these tips! I hate the clutter that ends up in the car!

  4. Dona says:

    I use a plastic basket that fits under the seat for my kids toys (Only an option in our SUV). They know that if it won’t fit in the basket it has to go in the house and be put up each evening. Makes my life easier when others try to get in the car I don’t have to start gathering up the kids stuff. They always have a small supply of books, barbies, and other odd objects to entertain themselves with.


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