Bathroom Organizing – Part 1

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Bathroom Organizing Can be a Challenge

Is your bathroom a “walk in mansion?” or is it a tiny sink, toilet and shower without much storage?  I would venture to guess that most of us are of the latter.  Bathrooms can be difficult to organize.  Some have very little storage available and there might be an entire family trying to use one sink.

I want to share a few suggestions I have over the next couple of days…and hopefully you will be able to pick up a few things that might make your organizing a little easier. At least that is my goal.


As with any organizing job…the first step is to sort.  You may think that you don’t have anything you don’t need in your bathroom.  But I would bet that you will surprise yourself when you go through your things.  Here are some sorting tips if you need a refresher.

What about that suntan lotion that is less than half full from last summer (they say not to keep them too long).  Or that bath set that your 5 year old got you from the dollar store 5 years ago that you feel guilty throwing out (but you know you will never use).  Go will be surprised.

I actually did some needed sorting myself before I took these pictures. I was able to get rid of a full bag of stuff.

Under the Sinks

You want to be able to utilize as much of the space under your sink as you can.  The pipes are always a challange.  But you can use wire racks to make double layers as I did in the above picture.

I love using baskets and bins. I always say to use clear ones if possbile. That way you can see really quickly what is in them.  I have my big bottles of shampoo and conditioner off to the left because they are too tall.  I have my other supplies that I will use in the baskets.  Do NOT keep expired medicines, lotions, etc… Throw them out if they are too old. Do not keep things for sentiment value (bubble bath that Aunt Mary gave you but you hate the smell). If it is perfectly good and you can donate it…then wonderful. If not..pitch it. Unless you have plenty of space to store it. But if you are struggling to make space for your things you need….don’t waste that space on something you don’t need.

There are plenty of places to get organizers for under the sink. You can check Walmart, Target or other discount stores. There are plenty of options.

Tip: Measure your space, height, depth and width before you go.

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