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Today was a trip to Build a Bear for my Step Daughter.  It was courtesy of Maxine Clark (founder of Build a Bear).  You see a couple of months ago I heard about a family that had several terrible things happen all at once.

The mother had been battling a kidney disease. She was on dialysis several times a week. While they were waiting for her to get a new kidney, they found out that she has pancreatic and intestinal pcancer.  Then their house burnt down…they lost everything (other than their lives).

There are 4 children, three girls and a boy.  Toni (@totallytoni) told us about this family in the Collective Bias Community.  I talked to my s-daughter and said I was going to pack up a box of her clothes for these girls.  She came up to help me. We packed up a box of clothes and then I suggested that maybe she had some toys that she didn’t use as much and might like to donate.  She picked several very nice things ….and then handed me her Build a Bear.  She only had two of them.  I asked her if she really wanted to give it up (it was in perfect condition with a cute outfit on it). She said, “Those girls need it more than I do.”

I was so proud of her.  So we packed up the boxes and sent them off.

I then told @buildabear and also @ChiefExecBear (Maxine Clark) on Twitter.  They were so sweet.  They sent the children who lost their home and have a very ill mother all their own Build a Bears.  They also sent my s-daughter a gift certificate so she could pick out a new one.

Thank you so much!! Here is a video of her day today.

I realized that I put 3 kids instead of 4 in the video. Maxine sent them all a bear.

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