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Having Fun With My Camera

I am trying to work on my photography skills.  Kim from Crafty Mama of 4 inspired me when she was here.  Heck…we had to stop the car near my home so she could get that unobstructed sunset view. LOL

I dusted off my Canon D20 (now outdated….but great when I got it about 4 yrs ago) and got it working.  Now I am trying to figure out how to take pictures in modes other than automatic.  But that is easier said than done. I had taken a photography class several years back…but have always had trouble figuring out what settings to use….unless I have lots of time to set and play with it.  But how do you know when you want that “fast shot” or that animal is going to move and you just want to “snap” it?

Dave and I went driving around near his farm since it was rainy…and I got a few pictures.  My guess is that most of these are in automatic. I took bunches and tried all kinds of settings…but it seemed the automatic always had better settings than I did. ugghhh…..but I’ll keep trying.  I’ve been reading some of the tuitorials on The Pioneer Woman’s blog. She also inspires me to try and go beyond the automatic settings. Wow…her stuff is awe inspiring.

I’ve been trying to look at things differently. Trying to see things through a lens and what might make a neat picture….instead of the “expected” picture.

Countryside pictures

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