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Don’t Forget The Learning!

We all know that summer is about fun with your kids. There are many things to do, vacactions, riding bikes, playing with friends, swimming and picnics.
But one of the big issues with summer and kids being out for such a long period of time, can be that they forget so much of what they have learned. Three months for us seems like nothing (you know…each year seems to go by faster? The older I get …the truer that statement is!) But 3 months to a 9 year old is a long time!

Learning can be fun?  Yes…it can!
Make learning fun. You can make a pretend classroom. Let them be teachers.
Most libraries have fun programs that encourage kids to read for prizes. The triplets signed up 4 days ago. I can’t even tell you how much reading my one step son has done. I had to shoo him outside! LOL I think he had down 8 hours in 3 days yesterday. You may think, “Yeah, but some kids are just bookworms.” Funny thing is, he never has been. Doing their 20 minutes each morning during school is a chore normally. So something as simple as getting tattoos or stickers at the different “marks” on their little reading map are enough to encourage kids to read.

Computer games The kids have Study Island at school and know how to use it. They are continuing at home. But with Study Island I guess it “passes” them at 60%. Yeah….I don’t think so! I told them it has to be 90% before they move on. If they only get a 60% they obviously do not have the concept down. They are working on math right now, but there is reading and other subjects too. The one in the picture above is from Jump Start. There are many different learning computer games out there.

The other thing I just started them on this week is with a free typing program called Free Typing Games The kids knew of another one called Tux Type that they had at school, but it had to be downloaded. It wasn’t working on 2 of my computers, so I found this.
I like the Free Typing Games better anyway. Tux Type it seemed it was all just games. I wanted one that worked with “home row” and making sure they were using proper fingering. The #1 lesson is the letters “F” and “J”. It just goes through fffj jjf ffff jjf etc… Three things. The 2 letters and the “space” key. Just like my mom’s old typing book that I used to use when I was a kid. Lesson #2 will move on to “D” and “K”. It then progresses after you have learned all the placement of the letters to words and there are also games. Love it!!
Typing is SO imporant in this word of computers. My husband is a “hunter and pecker” when it comes to typing. He never learned and he uses 2 fingers to do his typing.
I want them to learn properly. I won’t let them look at their fingers either. So I took a top of a cardboard box and made a cover to cover up the keyboard so they can’t see their hand.

Journal writing
I let the kids each pick out their own spiral notebook and we made that their journal for the summer. We are picking a subject each day and they have to write a half page story or their thoughts on that subject. They ask me what the subject for the day is going to be. Yesterday was, “Being Nice”. Today’s is “Boats”.

So here is the learning line up that we have done this week. The kids are not complaining. My Step daughter has said, “This is fun, it is summer and we are still learning!”. Gotta lov her!

The computer picture of my s-daughter was from another time. The other 3 pictures I just took this am while they were working on their morning routine.  I didn’t pose them…that is why 2 of them are working on their journals and no one was using the typing program. LOL

What things do you do with your kids to make their summer learning fun.

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One Response to “Summer Schedule”
  1. Monica says:

    How fun,Sandy! The computer game looks really neat, and I love the idea to let the kids be the teacher.

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