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June 7, 2010 by  

I got to review this file system from Smead.  I am always up to try new ways to organize all those papers we constantly have flowing in. This is one of the areas I find that SO many of my clients have issues with also.  I tend to try different methods myself…I want to keep myself open so that I can find something that can work for everyone.  Different systems work better for different people.

This system has a unit called a Stadium File that can sit on your desk or counter.  I placed some empty folders in here so you can see the different colors in this pack of file folders and see that they have the 3 different tab positions.

There are file folders – Smead SuperTab File folders –  that you can get to go in the Stadium file. They have the 3 tabs (one left, one right, one middle) in different colors. I was sent a sample pack of pastel colors- pink, purple, blue, brown and green.  I have to admit when I reviewed this file system I primarily used the folders I already had labeled and loaded the Stadium file. I did change over these 3 folders that I hand labeled so that I could try the SuperTab File Folders sent to me. I did not find any difference from the ones I currently used – these work just fine.

I was also sent these labels – the Color Coded Labeling System Viewables Starter Kit that can be used to really make this look very professional.  They are color coded and you can print them on your computer.  I did not do this myself, but love the looks of them.  They look much better than just hand writing like I did.

I have been using this system for a couple of weeks now.
I liked it because it was very accessible…I sat it on the corner of my desk. So instead of taking papers that go in the files and putting them in a pile to file later (when I’m in a rush) it was easy to just slip the papers in this system quickly.  No drawer to open, nothing to pull out.

The only issues I have with it would be that if the folder is a little full…papers don’t just slip down easy…you have to pull the folder out a little bit and then place the paper in, so it doesn’t stick out.  It is also a little big and bulky.  I have a large desk so I was able to make a place for it.  I like it in my “Zone A” area of my desk (used frequently and daily). So for me it worked just fine. In a small location it might not be as easy to use. But on the other hand, it might work better for some who might not have room for a whole file cabinet in a small space – but could use this instead. So just a matter of how someone wants to use it.

Would I recommend this?  Yes…I have no problem recommending this to someone. If you have the space for it and like a system that is easily accessible.  I would not recommend this for long term storage, as there is a limit in space allowed for the file folder. But for current files and an “inbox” this is a great system. Will I continue to use it? Yes…I plan to leave it on my desk and use it!

Places to purchase:

1. Stadium File $18.29
Office Depot
Franklin Covey

2. Viewables $20.99
Buy Online Now
Office Depot

3. Supertab $19.99
Office Depot
Buy Online Now

Disclosure: I will receive a $20 Target gift card for doing this review.  Did that influence my thoughts?  Nope..I’ll tell it like I see it. The thoughts are my own, the pictures are my own.  The list of locations to purchase the merchandise I did get from Buttoned Up.

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3 Responses to “Smead File System Review”
  1. Penelope says:

    How did I not know about your site before? I NEED to be more organized!!

  2. Sandy says:

    I’m glad you found it! Look around…there are lots of ideas that can hopefully help you.

  3. Sande says:

    This is great looking and affordable system, I’m excited to try it!

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