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Are you all set for Your Summer Vacation?  I’m not!

I have to admit that we actually are not set ourselves! I know….you are probably surprised with that coming from an organizer….a planner.  But we are not stressing about a vacation this year.  We decided to go simple and save some money so that we can possibly take the kids to Disney next year. (fingers and toes crossed on that one).

We have a farm about 45 minutes from our home that we may use for home base. Staying there and taking day trips. We are also talking about going to Kelly’s Island in Ohio for an over night. Dave would love to take the kids on a fishing charter on Lake Erie…but still checking on pricing. (that would be pretty steep).

Plus I am starting a new Blog called Explore Ohio with Sandy (hopefully in the next few weeks) and I want to be able to highlight some fun places to go in Ohio.  So I am keeping the doors open if I get contacted to visit some fun places that I hadn’t thought about!

Normally we plan early in the year (if not the year before). Have our reservations made, have a route mapped out and look for places to stop and visit along the way. This year is the exception.

We have never flown with all 5 kids (just so expensive). We had a flight and vacation planned 2 years ago with $10 plane tickets from that airline that went under a few months later (can’t think of the name right now). We were going to go to North Carolina and see the mountains and the ocean (both of which his kids had never seen…or flown for that matter).  But my step kids mom was in a car accident literally hours before we were set to leave on our 6am flight and we had to cancel. She ended up being ok, but since we weren’t sure we didn’t feel we could take them away from her.  But we did plan a vacation later that year and took them to Gaitlinburg & Myrtle Beach (picture above from that vacation 2 years ago). We drove, but they did get to experience the mountains and the ocean…just not the airplane!

So have you planned out your vacation for this year?  If you aren’t able to afford a full vacation (not unusal especially with this economy) are you able to plan day trips?

What and where do you like to go for vacations?  Share….I’d love to see your pictures!

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2 Responses to “Vacation planning”
  1. Dawn says:

    We haven’t flown with all 5 kids of our yet either, but are exposing them kid by kid (oldest first) to taking planes for some summer camps, etc. Being in the car with all 5 can also be overwhelming at times. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. family vacations in a nice tropical country would be very very nice `”;

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