In Place File System by Peter Walsh

June 10, 2010 by  

Papers need to be handled! Peter has an idea!

Handling paper clutter can be done in many different ways. That is why I do not recommend just one way to do it. People are wired different. A solution for one person..might not be the right thing for another.  ( I apologize..I should have taken all those things off the lid…they look really messy!)

This “in Place System” by Peter Walsh is interchangeable with his whole line. There are some great products and I love how they all work together!  You all know I love Peter Walsh and I’m a fan of his products.

I am using this portable file box (which you can purchase a pack of 6 at Office Max for $11.99.) in my family room. That is where I do most of my work with my laptop. So it is nice to have something portable and small…but yet has a great file system.

Do I like it….yes. My thoughts are this:

If I were designing it…I would have not used a cardboard box.(or if I used cardboard…I would make them in fun colors).  I would have done a plastic colorful box. But of course then you lose the price point. They also did a lot of research based on feedback and this is why they came up with that. So this might serve the majority better.

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2 Responses to “In Place File System by Peter Walsh”
  1. Kelly B says:

    I use a small portable plastic file box that I picked up at Walmart for $10. I like it because it has the ability to use hanging file folders and it is a pretty pink which makes it stand out from my family files. I have tried cardboard, but I have cats and they love to scrape the cardboard. :) I do like the idea of making the cardboard a little more fun. :)

  2. Where can I purchase these products –peter walsh filing products today??? are there any good alternatives??

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