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Need some ideas to Organize your room? Send me your Pictures!

This is a photo I got from a friend on Facebook. She said she was having a terrible time organizing her master bathroom.  This is a metal unit that goes over her toilet.  You can also see a little bit of the wooden corner shelf.  She sent me some other pictures too, so I had an over all view of the bathroom…and the wall space that was open.

When I give suggestions…I don’t go the “extreme makeover” way. I try to think very conservative in what I’m asking you to do. I am not saying….call a carpenter and completely over haul your bathroom. I try to work with what you have and suggest items that are very reasonable.

These are the suggestions I gave her:

Wall over toilet paper holder –

Take down your corner shelf.  Use shelves on this wall instead.  You can go up close to the ceiling for storage. Utilize as much of that wall as you are able.  I would use adjustable shelves…you can find them at Lowes or some place like that. Just board and bracket shelves, or you can go a little fancier like these at The Container Store.  You can get the white or black ones …or you can get wood and paint them. Just keep in mind they will be in a humid environment. Be sure to measure well. Be aware to not get your shelves too wide – you don’t have to worry about hitting your head or shoulder when you go potty!   LOL

Use small baskets on these shelves to store and separate your supplies. t

Use a Slim Cabinet beside your toilet if you have the space.   I use one similar to this and love it.

Option for under your sink.

Over the toilet – I don’t know if that storage rack is doing as good a job as separate shelves could do.  I think I would suggest more board and bracket shelves rather than what you are using now. You can adjust them to fit more things.  There is a lot of wasted space on that wire between the shelves.  But if you want to keep using it…then I would see if you can find something to make a 2nd level on the middle shelf to utilize more of that space.  Or you can use something like the option I showed for under your sink and have a couple slide out drawers.  If you watch my vlog below on the will see where I had a wire shelf  but wanted to have more space. So I added another wire shelf by creating a solid surface on the bottom wire rack so that my top wire rack could sit on something. (This is the money saving way to do things)

Another option if it wasn’t too wide would be to use something like this cubby unit on your wall.  You can hang it and roll towels to store in the cubbies. Or put baskets and dress it up where you can store hair supplies, bathroom cleaners, toilet paper etc.. Here is an example of how I used cubbies in my office.

Behind the door:

I would use some kind of over the door organizer like this.  It can be great to hold all kinds of supplies….shampoo, conditioners, blow dryer etc.  Here is a vlog I did on my pantry. I know it doesn’t seem to make sense….but I want you to see the over the door unit that holds cans. I also want you to note the wire on wire shelf “fix” I came up with.   My only concern with that would be if the items are too tall and you close the bathroom door…things might fall out.  So you would have to either find one with higher sides or use it for shorter items like creams and hair supplies. It could work great to clip bracelets or necklaces too …just thinking.

On the wall behind the door – You could remove that towel bar and hang another clear over the door organizer. Or you could hang hooks for multiple towels or robes.  Or you could arrange several towel racks and store clean towels on them that would look neat.

I bet if you take out that corner cabinet can find another space to use it. I think you will get much more function our of that wall space.

So here is the deal. I’d love to help you!  If you have a room or place you would like some advice on. E-mail me pictures….I want to see all of the room….the wall space, the floor space too.  Tell me what your trying to accomplish in this space…and maybe you can get some ideas for your home too.  What I’d really LOVE to see..would be the after pictures.

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2 Responses to “Organizing the Bathroom”
  1. Shruti says:

    Hey Sandy,
    I loved your site… I dont know how i have missed it for so long…
    I wrote to invite you to do a guest post about sewing room organizing on my blog. I’m hosting a sewing space focus till the end of february… Maybe we could have 2-3 selected people email their sewing room pictures to you and then you tell us what to do? Can we do that?
    Cheers from India

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks Shruit!
    I would love to do a guest post for your blog. I have a segment that I usually run on Wednesdays called What would Sandy Suggest? I think it would be great if you had some people email me their sewing room pics and I could do a post on my blog on one of my Wednesdays with their pictures with what I suggest.
    I’ll email you.

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