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What is it with Teenagers and the need to have a messy Room?

I decided to go take my camera and take a completely candid picture (I just opened the door and shot the pictures…I didn’t move a thing – oh believe me….it was difficult for me to do!) of all 5 kids bedrooms.

I have to admit – I used to go spastic on my 4 boys growing up with their rooms.  I would come in the morning to either wake them up or say good morning…I would open that door and instantly get mad.  Who likes to be woken up with “This room is a mess! You need to pick up your clothes, put trash in the trash can and clean off that dresser!!”.  Nope….not a nice way to start their day and would instantly put me in a bad mood.

So….once I was a single mom of 4 boys (in 1999) I decided at some point to let it go.  I had to discipline them in so many other ways…they had chores to do around the house and their rooms were just a constant source of irritation to me (and them).  I had a friend tell me that I need to pick my battles. That hit home. I decided that I didn’t need to make their room MY battle.   So for the most part I try to avoid the teens bedrooms.  I will let it go a week (maybe even 2 sometimes) before I get on them and really make them clean it. I don’t insist that their beds be made every day (although they know that I want them to do that), and I don’t hang them by their toes if they don’t put their dirty clothes in their dirty clothes hamper …right in their room).

Today I will show you the “Messy” Teen rooms….and over the next few days we are going to talk about teen bedrooms.  (I’d love your pictures of your candid teen bedrooms!!)

The oldest we have living at home (17 years old boy)   Note how the futon is down. He sleeps there.  We were lucky enough last year to get a Bedroom Makeover From Walmart & Your Zone. (you can see what the room should look like in the video) At the time he picked the loft bed. I thought he would get real tired of climbing up there because if he really had his way, he would sleep on the floor over the heater/air conditioning vent. (Yes…really)  But he thought the bed  was cool. I told him that if he got the loft bed…he had to sleep in it. The futon that we had and moved in here was to sit on.  “Mom..I will sleep in the bed…it is cool. I promise!!”.  LOL ….yeah..sure.

Example #2.  My step son is 16.  He chose to have his bedroom in the basement when we got the room make over. They used to share a room. We gave the older of the two – first pick. Did he want the basement room (unfinished basement) or the room makeover. He said he was fine with either and let his step brother pick.  “D” (step brother)  picked the basement.  He loves his “man cave”.  I’ll do a post this week on how we made this room over.  But…note here – no pillow cases on the pillows! Ewww….!  why?  That just seems so yucky to me.  I have a whole basket of pillow cases that he could pick from if for some reason when his sheets got washed….he couldn’t find his pillow cases.  Bed is not made (its hard to tell in this shot)…here, I’ll give you another look from a different angle.  You can see the unmade bed…and the stuff all over his dresser in this shot. But over all the room is not too bad.  Keep in mind this is after his Dad told him to clean his room yesterday.

I also got pictures of the triplets rooms.  They aren’t teens, they are 9 1/2 years old, but I thought I’d show you anyway.

The boys A&Z share a room.  It’s not too bad. But we do try to stay on them more to keep it clean.  A is great about cleaning his portion of the room (most days). Z really could care less.  You frequently hear A saying, “Z your stuff is a mess in here. You need to clean it up.” LOL  So if A wasn’t in the room with him and if we didn’t have them pick up their room daily…I’m sure Z will certainly turn into the typical “messy room” teen.  I’m not so sure with A.  I think he will keep his room clean on his own….like his sister.

Now…my step daughters “E” room almost always looks clean.  She gets up and makes her bed (as does A – but Z rarely does) every morning.  She keeps things picked up. Don’t you love the fish pillow?  Her pick when we went shopping at Cabelas last year!

So – I have “bared all” in my kid’s bedrooms to you. See..I always say my house is far from perfect…I’m human just like you guys!!  But I want you to show me some of your teens rooms.  Tell me what the hardest thing for you is?

Do you “stay on them” like I used to do with my kids? Or do you just “chill” and try not to get worked up over their rooms?   (at least for 1-2 weeks..I just can’t take more than that).  Do you ever make the really clean them?

Please share!

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13 Responses to “Teen Room”
  1. Emily says:

    I have twin teens (boy/girl) that are 15 yrs old. My son keeps his room pretty neat most of the time. My daughter’s room looks like a tornado hit it! Funny that is that our daughter is messy like me. Our son is neat like my husband, but it is the opposite for their personalities. Our son is just like me and daughter just like dh. It’s crazy. Our youngest son, age 10, keeps his room pretty neat for a kid. Our oldest daughter, age 23, keeps her house messy most times. She has a young child though and her husband is messy.

    Just a side note: I kept my room immaculate as a child and teen. My mom was always on me. I think that is why I lean towards clutter now. Sort of a rebellion thing. I don’t ride my kids about it. I don’t let it get out of control, but I don’t keep on them everyday.

  2. Adrian says:

    I change tactics on them sometimes. I told you that I will occasionally lock them out of their room when it gets totally out of control. A night or two of sleeping on the couch makes them appreciate that a room of their own is a privilege and not a right. Another thing I will do is give them a deadline and if it isn’t done by a certain day, I tell them I will go in and do it FOR them. Teens are so fanatic about their privacy that one scares them to death! I’m a fun Mom and I love my kids, but they know that I don’t mess around when it comes to getting things done.

  3. Sandy says:

    There are laundry “hampers” that you can hang on the backs of your door and mesh ones that fold up when not using them. I think having something in their room would be worth making the space for.

  4. Lacie says:

    Loving the peg board walls! I may have to steal that idea for my little guy’s room :-)

  5. Laura says:

    My room looked just like that first picture when I was a teen. No matter what I tried. Now that I’m a grownup & I sometimes wish my mom would have gotten on to me a little more about it. Because I can totally let my house slide into near-disaster un-organization and not even notice. I’m usually okay with it being messy, as long as it’s a clean messy. Though I wish I wasn’t that way. lol.

  6. Sandy says:

    We had to think of something to try and make an unfinished bedroom workable with brick walls. The solid color is magnetic paint.

  7. Becca says:

    I have to start by saying that fish pillow is awesome!!! No kids yet…but rooms weren’t a battle my mom ever much wanted to have. She was much more concerned about the common areas of the house being cleaned…along with other things :)

  8. Lisa Y. says:

    I have one Son of my own. But I raised three step kids who were quite messy, that I attributed to them resenting me as their step parent. Now that they’re grown, they’re still messy! One has a very neat organized wife… and he is learning well from her. That’s good. Anyway, now I know they were just plain slobs.
    My 14 yr old is also messy but he was quite neat as a pre-teen. And I can see he likes things neat, nevertheless less he leaves a trail behind him wherever he goes. Teenagers are just plain lazy! I get after him regularly to pick up after himself, teaching him that being proactive prevents a big job later when its out of control. I keep telling him his future wife will thank me someday.

  9. Sandy says:

    I’m sure his wife will thank him. Thanks Lisa

  10. amv says:

    Pictures seem to help for kids of all ages. Start young with pictures of toys and their pieces. Children learn everything has a place. It is less stressful for them to clean their own room also.

  11. hehe says:


  12. Gien says:

    i have 2 kids in my home. 2 and 6 years old. they do btter than you 17 years old boy. lol

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