Shoe Envy

June 25, 2010 by  

 At EVO 2010

But….I LOVE to see these high heels.  I walk around these conferences just googling at all the cute shoes.  So I thought I would share some of my shoe envy cute high heel shoes with you!!

What fun these yellow heels are!! They are so bright and looked great with her outfit.

Wow! These red spiked high heels were so hot!

You might wonder why I have Shoe Envy?  Being tall and not caring to be any taller has a lot to do with it! I don’t wear high heels. Seeing these spike high heels and or stilettos …actually amaze me! Being able to walk in them is a skill I never learned!  Then to see woman dance in these high heel shoes seems to be an act of pure impossibilities to me!

So I will have fun watching these shoe fashions from a far! I had fun asking these ladies to take pictures of their shoes while at the evo conference.  I think they were all a bit surprised…and when I asked Andrea Wishom,  who is the supervising producer on the Oprah show,  I think she was more than surprised.  Can you guess which ones were hers?  (I bet you can!)

Feel free to claim your high heel shoes or if you know who they belong to….shout them out.  Enjoy…especially if you have shoe envy like I do!

I love how these spike high heels look on her tan foot…and they look so nice with the white pants.

OMG aren’t these snake skin looking stilettos fun?  I just can’t imagine walking in these.  LOL  I would fall with the first step.

This is the tiny foot that look so cute in a high heel shoe look!!  There is more of a heel to this shoe…but I think if they were on my foot I would look like I have a whole flower garden walking.

I have to admit that I had to look up that Christian Louboutin was the maker of these red soled high wedge shoes. I know …I know….I’m sure everyone knew but me. I knew that the red bottomed shoes were a coveted shoe for many…but I had no idea of  who made them. I tried to take the picture of these from my seat in the back of the room….but that didn’t work. So I got brave and asked for a picture of them.  I LOVE the fact that these have worn places on the bottom. Why?  Because it means that she really wears these shoes.  Obviously she loves these fancy heels. I love the strap on her ankle (oh to have tiny ankles! lol)

I took this picture when we were at the Bush’s Beans party on our last night.  There was a western theme and I thought these were such a fun high heeled boot. Oh yeah….and she was dancin in these….and pregnant….wow….such shoe envy I have!!

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