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June 30, 2010 by  

Zip Line in Utah at Evo  

I think my husband was shocked the most to hear that I was going to go on a zip line adventure!  I was in Park City Utah and had the opportunity to do this Zip Rider and thought….”I’m going to go for it”.

I had thought that I would go with some other Evo buddies….but I lost Zippy (she couldn’t go up the zip line anyway….that would have been a good title though…Zippy does the Zip line!!) I heard there was an hour line at the top and my ticket said I had to do it between 6-7pm. So I thought…I better go!  Most of my concern or worry was over how I was going to go down this zip line cable ride holding my big purse, big camera and jacket!!??  I was able to fit my camera into my purse…got my little camera out so I could still take pictures…and of course my flip.  It got a little colder out of the sun, so I put my jacket on.  They just strapped my purse in with me.

Stood in line by myself – well..I mean not knowing anyone else in the line waiting to go on this “cloth seat hanging from a cable flying down a mountainside ride” LOL

You can see my purse in my lap…but it is all tied in.  It was the best view looking out over the gate!

I’m ready to go!!!  Watch my video…

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