PileSmart Desktop Organizers

Help for the Those Paper Piles!

Does Your Desk Look like this …or worse?
Piles of papers can get overwhelming…and things get lost in them! I think most all of us tend to stack the mail and make piles. The problem lies in what you do with those piles.

There are vertical drawer files, vertical desk top files…but for some people – those just don’t seem to fit their style. They want to pile.
Pendaflex has come up with an answer for the pilers! It is their desk top filer and it is piling! The PileSmart® Desktop Organizer Tray! There are dividers that you can label to divide your piles and make some sense of what you have.

I think it looks great. You can label the tabs and they are erasable. They are sturdy enough that you just left them up easily to slide your papers under. The PileSmart® Desktop Organizer Tray is made of durable acrylic and is slightly slanted towards the back corner to keep your papers looking neat.

This is that same pile of papers afterwards. Looks much better than that pile doesn’t it? I didn’t label the tabs, because I haven’t fully decided how I am going to use this….but I did want to show you what it looks like.

Here are the PileSmart View Folders with Write on Tabs

These are pocket folders that are open on the side to make sliding in things very easy. You can also use these in the trays if you would like.

Then check out these cute clips! The PileSmart® Binder Label Clips can clip together your documents quickly and see what they are at a snap. You can write on the plastic label’s with a pen.

You can find all of these products online.

1. PileSmart® Desktop Organizer Tray
-Buy Online Now

2. PileSmart® Binder Label Clips
-Buy Online Now

3. PileSmart® View Folders with Write-On Tabs
-Buy Online Now

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Baskets can Organize your Laundry Room

They can add some color too!

Aren’t these fun baskets?  They were the solution for me in my small laundry room.  Theses were an “impulse” buy.  I was in Target and spotted the lime green laundry hampers and decided they would look so fun in my laundry room. Then I saw these smaller baskets that matched and decided to outfit my laundry room with them.

They serve a great purpose and brighten up a room that isn’t the funnest to go into.

I’ve used these photos before..so you may have seen them, but here is my full (small) laundry room.

I linked this blog post up to:

Totally Organized Tuesdays
A Bowl Full of Lemons 21 Day Challenge

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Baskets to organize office supplies

Re-purposing a bookshelf in a closet is thinking outside the box.

This picture is actually looking into a closet.  I had a challenge with a client. Organize all these office supplies.  There was a small closet in the room and a bar across it and a couple of little shelves that had been left by a previous owner. There was no need for clothes for this office….and I wanted to utilize this space.

The client had  this bookshelf that wasn’t being used.  I did all the measurments before I had it moved into the room.  It was going to fit! I was So excited!

Now for the containers.  I wanted to use a clear plastic so that you could easily see what was in them.  I measured the shelf height and length to make sure I could get the most use out of the space…knowing I was buying the right size baskets or plastic boxes.

If you notice I have the lids off the boxes.  It would look very nice and neat to have them on, but would things get put back as easy if you had to lift a lid to do it?  This was a place that I could leave them open and easily accessible.  But….I did put the lid directly under the basket so that you don’t have to worry about losing them…and they are there if you want to use them.

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Baskets can Organize laundry for your kids

Zillions of uses, fun colors…what’s not to love?

I saw these  laundry baskets at Walmart and loved the colors!!   They were only $2 each….SO ….I had to get them for the kids to help me organize their laundry!!

I picked out 5 of them, each in the kids colors.  (I color code my kids – I’ll do another post on that this week)  The experiment I wanted to try was to use them for their own laundry baskets.

Normally what I have been doing, is when laundry is completed,  I take it out of the dryer and fold/hang up the clothes. The folded clothes go into a big laundry basket.  Those baskets are carried up to the top of the stairs.

Once the laundry baskets are upstairs, then I sit down on the floor and sort the clothes into the kids separate cubbies that are at the top of the stairs. They then put them away.

I decided if I am ever lucky enough to move and have a larger laundry room or better yet…get to design it (such a wish!)….I wanted to have built in larger cubbies for each member of my family. Then I could fold and put into their cubbies and they carry them up themselves and put them away.

So….my alternative – take these baskets in the kids colors and sort their clothes into their baskets right out of the dryer.  Then they take their laundry basket up and put them away. This idea only costs $10! ($2 for 5 baskets)

Here is the key to making it work. They HAVE to put the clothes away and bring the basket right back down…so I have it for next time I do laundry. They already have a taller laundry hamper in their room that works for their dirty clothes…I want to keep these just for their clean ones.

Note: December 2010 – I had a reader let me know they were unable to find these baskets in their Walmart or online. I also looked and was unable. These might have been promotional for the back to school (college) push.  Let me know if you find them somewhere…. so we can let others know.  Thanks!

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Organizing One Step at a Time

It doesn’t have to be hard to Organize, just break down the steps

You have now blocked out that time on your calendar to Get the Job Done.

What is the next step?  Get Prepared for that day.  How?

Try and decrease distractions.
I suggest black and white trash bags.  Black for trash, White for donate.

Change the mind set.

Stop thinking about it as drudgery, but think of it as organized space coming!

So crank up the music and get in the mood to have an uncluttered area….use positive thinking here.  Visualize what you would like the space to look like.  Think how good it is going to feel when you have accomplished the task.

Start with sorting.

Each item has to be looked at and a quick decision has to be made.

Keep – Do you USE it, do you LOVE it, does it FIT?
Donate – Don’t like it, Doesn’t fit, Don’t use it, Still in good shape
Move – It doesn’t belong in this room. Move out of this space.
Store – Use it but only once or twice a year. Holidays, camping etc.
Pitch – Broken, in no shape to donate (recycle if possible)


You should have less to put back in your space now.  This is the time to clean out those cupboards or the space good. It isn’t very often that it is probably empty.

You can measure the space to see what kind of organizers you may need (if any). It isn’t a good idea to go out and buy a bunch of organizers unless you have already measured the space and have an idea of what you need.  If you do not want to waste the time here and have an idea of what you think will work, please make measurements before you buy anything.  Then keep your receipts so that you can take the item back if it doesn’t fit or work like you thought it would.

Organize – A few tips

Now put the items that you are going to keep back.

Remember:  Like with Like!
Keep the cans together in your kitchen. Keep the extra office supplies together in your office. Don’t have some of this and some of that in the space.

Think in zones for your space.  What do you do?  For instances…in an office.  Your Zone A or zone 1 would be the space around your desk chair and desk that you can reach. Things you use daily and often, such as your phone, your pens, your stapler and letter opener.

In your kitchen you can do the same. For instance for your stove area, you should have your pot holders within reach of your stove. Your pots and pans should be near your stove.  For your dishwasher, your plates and glasses should be near it if possible.  Decrease steps when making the space functional.

Have fun organizing and let me know how you feel after a space is done.  It is like a “feel good” moment for me!

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How to Do a Job You Hate

July 22, 2010 by  
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How to Do a Job You Hate

by Adrian from Adrians Crazy Life.com

I had a slow day at work today, so I decided to catch up on my most hated task – FILING! I don’t know why I dislike filing so much, but I always have and that isn’t likely to change soon.

So the question is, how do you approach a task you really dislike doing?

– Put it off and hope it chokes and dies! (Appealing, but not likely)

– Pay someone else to do it for you (could you outsource it to India??)

– Foist it off on someone who doesn’t mind doing it? Or maybe you could trade a job someone else hates that you don’t mind. I do this one a lot at home. Everyone has different likes & dislikes. For example – I will take dishes over mopping every time.

– Maybe you could do a little every day so it doesn’t pile up to a big ugly job.

– Simplify the task so you can get it out of the way faster.

– Offer yourself a small reward for doing it (hey, this works on my kids!).

– Get someone to do it with you so you can at least have some company.

For filing, I take an approach that hits several of these points. First of all, I can put it off for a while. It’s not a critical task in my job, so I can do that without too much guilt. That’s better for me than having to face it every week or so.

I’m rarely able to foist it off on someone, but I have managed to a couple of times. When my kids come to the office with me, I can usually bribe them into doing it for me. Also, my co-worker doesn’t mind filing, so sometimes I can trade a job with her or at least get her to help me with it so I’ve got someone to talk to.

I’ve also simplified the job so it is much easier and quicker to do. I used to file things in a very detailed manner, and it would take me 3-4 hours to do. Then I realized that I only dig into them a few times a year, so it’s not really worth the time and effort to sort them so much. Now, I just sort them into a few general categories and dump them into larger folders. So if I need to find something it might take me an extra 5 minutes of digging, but the filing job takes me half the time.  That’s a win-win in my book.

What hateful job do you end up putting off the most? How can you use these ideas to make it easier?

Adrian hangs out at her very aptly named blog AdriansCrazyLife.com. It’s a good name because she works full time, runs both Pampered Chef and Stampin’ Up! businesses, attends every blogging conference she can manage, and is raising a husband, three sons, four grandkids, a pair of crazy cats, a St. Bernard, and a rotating assortment of goldfish. Obviously, it is a very crazy life!

Adrian is not a professional organizer, but is a “Recovering Messie” and is sharing a lifetime’s worth of lessons she has learned with her Clutterbugs series (every Monday) and her new Women and  Finance feature (every Thursday).

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The Organizing Fairy

Excuses don’t get the work done but the Organizing Fairy can right?

(You can’t see a fairy’s face you know….they won’t come to visit if you see their face….don’t you know anything?  Duh? lol)

I know..I know…we all wish we had one (I do too some days….although I would much rather have a cooking & cleaning fairy). But unless we do have an organizing fairy…guess what? The job still needs to get done.  Unless you always want to be living in a messy zone.  So even though we can have a zillion excuses….we still need to find a way to get the job done.

I know…that is the yucky part right?  So the question now is..how?

The first Step is schedule the time to do it. Get out that calendar.

I know it would be wonderful if we could add 4 hours to each day in order to get more done….but unfortunately life doesn’t work that way.

Block out a couple hours in your schedule a few times a week.  If there is a way you can devote several hours to get started…that would be wonderful, but if not – do what you can.

Maybe turn off the reality show (DVR it!) and use that time if you work during the day.
It might have to be after the kids are in bed if you can’t get anything accomplished while they are up.
It might be that you need to bring in a babysitter for a few hours or have in in-law watch them.

It is all about priorities. If this is a priority to get done in your life, then you need to put it on as a priority in order to get it done.

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Launching Explore Ohio with Sandy Blog!

July 20, 2010 by  
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Letting others know about places to visit in Ohio

I’ve lived in Ohio almost my entire life. Believe it or not there are still places I haven’t explored myself.  But there are a lot of little places around that I enjoy that I thought I wanted to let other people from Ohio know about.

Explore Ohio with Sandy will be my adventures with and without my family to places around Ohio. Some big….some just local businesses.  This will not be the end all be all site to everything in Ohio.  But I will link to several of those sites for references.  But this will be a lot of videos and actual visits to places so you can get a feel for what they really are like.

If you are from Ohio….I’d love for you to subscribe so you don’t miss anything.  Also…let me know if you have been to these places yourself…and what you think!!

I will also be having guest bloggers!  So if you have visited or are going to visit some places in Ohio…take some pictures, use your video camera and let us know about it!

Businesses will have an opportunity to place their photos in my slide show header.

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We all have excuses as to why we can’t organize right?

Sure we do… anything to justify why our place is a mess.  Sound familiar?

I’m not saying some of your reasons are ligitimate…. I know there are always reasons why we can’t do things we would like to.  I’m right there with ya!  No…really!  I have been crazy busy with my blogs.  Do you think my house is perfect?  Think again… it is not.

But…like any excuses – they will only keep us from achieving our goal…if we keep believing them.

Here….let’s go over a few really good ones for why your house isn’t organized. Which is your favorite?

1) My life is just too busy to organize

2) My house isn’t big enough!

3) My husband or kids make all the mess

4) I can’t get rid of it…I AM going to use it….one day

5) I am going to lose all the weight this year so I can fit into those

6) It was a gift…I can’t get rid of it

7) It was too expensive just to get rid of.

8) It will be worth something ….someday

9) I don’t think it’s so bad – everyone just says that

10) There is just too much…I can’t do it!

Which one sounds most like your excuse?

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Planning for a Vacation

Organizing for Time Away From Work For a Vacation

Plan Ahead

If you know you are going to have scheduled time away from work, then it is easy to plan for ahead of time.  For instance a vacation or a planned medical situation.

Seems simple right?  Just plan ahead and all will be taken care of?  Of course it doesn’t always work that way.  Sometimes depending on your job you can already be so over taxed that you aren’t able to get to the things you need to for a week ahead.

But make a list of what you need to do and try to work on it one thing at a time.

When you Don’t Plan Ahead

There are times when we aren’t able to plan ahead and situations come up.  An accident or illness are good examples.  In those cases hopefully family members can help out to notify the proper people to take care of the necessities for you.


For bloggers there are several options.  You can not put up posts (like I have not for the last several days this week. ) This is our vacation week and I took some time off from this blog.  I have been still working on my Chat with Sandy blog on a project I was doing for www.Holiday Roads. info (look for our family posts..Ohio to Marblehead with dog Gizzy!) …so I just took some time off from this blog.

I could have had guest bloggers, I could have prepared posts ahead of time.  I didn’t do either this time.  I think it is the first time in a year & half that I have not posted this many days in a row.  But I needed a little break.

Blogging is like that. It is my own business..I can post several times a day or not for several days.

Tomorrow I am having a small surgical procedure ….and will probably take a couple more days off from blogging.  I will just have to see how I feel.

Planning ahead is great and is ideal.  It is the best way to decrease stress and anixiety when you know you are going to be away. But you know what….things work out either way. You may have more to do when you come back if you have not planned ahead…but more than likely the work will wait on you.

Take a vacation this year…give yourself a little break.  We can all use them.

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Dog Harness

Adjusting the Bergan Auto Harness

I got this dog seat belt so that Gizzy can be safe when we go on our trip.  I’ve never used one before….so you can join me as I put this on her for the first time.

Collective Bias sponsored my Holiday Roads adventure.

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Water Bottle Crunchers

July 8, 2010 by  
Filed under Pets, Reviews & Giveaways

Sadie & Gizzy Review This Dog Toy

The Fat Cat Water Bottle Cruncher toys are darling! You put an empty water bottle inside the end and velcro it shut.  Sadie was scared of this at first….but after just a few minutes she “claimed” this toy.  Gizzy tried and got a little play time with it…but not too much.


This was a problem. My dogs are hard on toys. I will be the first to admit it. I thought with the durable cotton fabric it would hold up to them, but alas it did not.  I had to take it from them in 3 days.  You would think I would give this a terrible review. No…my dogs LOVED this toy. I thought it was cute and a great idea.


This is a toy meant for dogs that are easy on their toys. If you have a chewer…or a dog who loves to pull the guts out of stuffed toys…then this toy is not for your dog.  BUT…if you dog doesn’t destroy toys….then they will probably love it as much as my dogs. did.

Disclosure: I was given this Fat Cat Water Bottle Cruncher toy to review. The thoughts are all my own.

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Preparing for Medical Emergencies

There are no warnings for medical emergencies

So how do you plan for an medical emergency ahead of time?  Well, you don’t necessarily plan for the actual event…but there are things you can do that can help during a medical transition.


First thing I am going to go over with you is having a list of everyone’s medications…including doses and concentrations with you.

When I answer phones in triage at the pediatricians office I work at, I can’t tell you how many people have no idea what medicines their children are on. They tell me to look it up in their chart.  Of course I can do that….but as a parent ….YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION!

The same goes for your spouse. Know what medicines he or she takes daily. Know the dose …if you can’t remember them …write them down and keep them in your purse.  Or you can keep a running list in your smart phone.  Easy to change and update….easy to access.


Make sure you know what allergies your children and your spouse have. If there are medications they are allergic to…KNOW THEM.  If you can’t remember….again keep a list in your purse or wallet …or you can have them in your smart phone.


This is the other item you need to know.  I had to answer when Dave’s last tetus was. I actually had to call my office yesterday and have one of my Dr. check my chart. Yes we are a peds office…but I keep an employee chart for myself. I also keep my hubbies info in there for an easy reference. Since I didn’t follow my own advice that I am giving …(I’ll admit it….)  I had to call and ask when his last tetanus was. I knew it was in the last 5 years…but I wanted to know for sure. I found out it was in 2008 and he did not need another one at the ER.

But this is something that you really should have available. All those school forms and camp forms you have to fill out.  You can be putting in those dates yourself when you send them to the Dr. office (we LOVE that!!)…then all we have to do is get the Dr. signature.  But it is great information to have at your fingertips and you will be amazed at how often it will come in handy.

Be prepared….hopefully you will never need the information for an emergency room….but you will be ready if you do.

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Be Supportive To A Special Needs Family

Schedules are Important

Time Management is everything for a Special Needs Child

If you had medications every 1-2 hours, G-tube feeds every 4 hours, dressing changes everyday, physical therapy 3 times a week, occupational therapy 2 times a week, a tutor coming everyday, oh…wait don’t forget you have an appointment with the neurologist and physical medicine this week…and you have to be sure to order supplies this week. I almost forgot the respiratory company is coming to check on the O2 concentrator on Wednesday.

That is just one piece of the puzzle that some families have to deal with – who have special needs children.  Just put that on top of your schedule and if you have other children who have ball games and play dates.  Can you imagine?  Until you are in the shoes of someone who has a medical fragile child ….you just have no idea how much they go through and how much they have to deal with.

Schedules?  Essential for survival in this situation.  Their children’s lives revolve around schedules with medication, treatments and appointments. That is why a command center like I mentioned in my last post would be needed – or a centralized computer calendar or home calendar.

If you know of someone with a special needs child – if you are able, reach out to them…see if they need some help or just a supportive ear. They are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

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